Disney fans spot eerie connection between Frozen and Titanic characters



It's always exciting when you spot a hidden reference, also known as an Easter Egg, in a film or TV show. Disney's Marvel is famous for it - fans were elated when they caught a glimpse of Captain America's shield in both Iron Man and Iron Man 2, for example.

Marvel isn't the only Disney film with hints to other films, however, as one eagle-eyed fan believes she has spotted an Easter Egg in the 2013 animation film Frozen.

Taking to Tiktok, content creator Chloe Hutchon shared a clip with the caption: "I have never seen anyone find this before and I wouldn't of either if it wasn't for my gran watching it when I was over. I love Disney Easter Eggs!"

Titanic scene
In Titanic, Jack plays poker with Sven and Olaf ( Paramount Movies)

In the video clip, Chloe asks: "Did Disney copy the Titanic with their character names?". She then films herself watching a clip from Frozen on Netflix, where the snowman Olaf is introduced to the reindeer Sven.

It then cuts to a scene from the famous 1997 film Titanic, directed and produced by James Cameron and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

In the scene, Jack (played by DiCaprio) is playing poker with Sven and Olaf, who have bet their Titanic tickets on the game.

Several TikTok users were gobsmacked by the connection, with one person saying: "Oh. My God. How did I never notice this!? I literally watched Titanic this morning as well!".

Another said: "I never thought of this lol," and a third added: "Me just not noticing. I'm so clueless."

One person even spotted a further parallel: "And didn't the parents die i a shipwreck...,? to which Chloe replied: "Yes omg! The plot thickens."

Sven and Olaf from Frozen
Disney fans think there's a link between Sven and Olaf from Frozen and Titanic ( Disney)

Even online database IMBD commented on the video with a mouth and eye emojis, showing that they were watching.

One fan thought the reason might be that the creators of Frozen were fans of Titanic.

"One of the writers from Frozen was a big fan of Titanic. I think it was addressed in the BTS [behind the scenes] of Frozen 2 documentary that's on Disney+!"

However, others thought it was a coincidence because Frozen was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale The Snow Queen, and Sven and Olaf are common Scandinavian names.

One person said: "I always thought they were mimicking Hans Christian Andersen who wrote the fairytale The Snow Queen (which Frozen is very loosely based on."

Another agreed: "I think they named the characters after Hans Christian Andersen (Hans, Kristoff, Anna, Sven)."

What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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