EastEnders fans can't stop crying as Lola shares heartbreaking diagnosis with Lexi



EastEnders fans were left devastated tonight as Lola shared the heartbreaking news she was dying with her daughter Lexi.

The family have been desperately trying to keep the harsh reality of Lola's situation from Lexi in the hope Lola - played by Danielle Harold - could recover from her cancer diagnosis and would get better. However, she has been dealt the news there is nothing the doctors can do and are instead just offering her forms of palliative care.

In heartbreaking scenes tonight, Lola was joined by Ben and Jay as they sat down to tell Lexi the truth about her mum's prognosis.

The heartbreaking scenes aired tonight
The heartbreaking scenes aired tonight ( BBC)

On tonight's episode of the BBC soap, Lola questioned why they were all acting so nice, before Lola decided to sit them down.

"They're both here because there's something I need to talk to you about, ok? So you know mummy's got cancer, and I've told you about the treatment I've been having and about the operation, well darling, sometimes the doctors can't fix everything and this tumour in mummy's head, it's not going away," she said as Lexi looked confused and scared.

She asked: "You're going to be sick forever?" before Lola nodded and added: "Turns out forever isn't going to be as long as we thought it's going to be so everything they're doing now is to give me more time with you, more time with everyone, does that make sense?"

Lola was crushed by Lexi's reaction
Lola was crushed by Lexi's reaction ( BBC)

A devastated Lexi asked: "Are you going to die?," to which Lola replied: "Yeah, I am and I'm so sorry but I am."

"You lied to me," the young girl said before Lexi explained her reasons, adding: "I know darling, it was just because I thought I might get better. I need you to know I love you so so much ok and that is never going away ok, ever. Does that make sense to you?"

Lexi cried in her mum's arms before asking if she could go to school, heartbroken her mum had kept the truth of her diagnosis from her.

Lola and Lexi shared a heartbreaking conversation tonight
Lola and Lexi shared a heartbreaking conversation tonight ( BBC)

Fans of the BBC soap who tuned into the programme couldn't stop crying at the emotional scenes.

"That scene between Lola and Lexi was so gut wrenching Raw and real. I can't imagine what mothers with young children in the same situation are going through," one wrote, as a second added: "Bawling my eyes out, poor Lola/Lexie #Eastenders."

A third shared: "Lola is being so honest, it would have taken a lot for her to tell Lexi all that. What a sad scene."

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