EastEnders fans fear Freddie has something to hide as he's quizzed over Lily's pregnancy



EastEnders fans were left horrified as they fear Freddie Slater has something to hide about Lily Slater's pregnancy.

The 12-year-old was rushed to hospital when she collapsed during a New Year's Eve party, with it later being revealed that her severe stomach pains were not because of the carbon monoxide but rather because she was pregnant. In emotional scenes, Lily told her mum Stacey that the baby was Ricky Jr's after the two of them slept together when "bored".

Stacey promised to not tell anyone about Lily's pregnancy but was forced to come clean to the rest of the family when social services and the police got involved as they needed to interview everyone.

Fans think Freddie has something to hide
Fans think Freddie has something to hide ( BBC)

Fans of the show are now concerned Freddie has something to hide about the pregnancy as they predict a huge twist.

One wrote: "Freddie does look really guilty but I think that ee wants us to think that so they can throw a curveball. I think the slaters will think he is the dad (even though he’s not) and reveal his paternity in an argument comparing him to his real father #EastEnders."

"Now they’re making Freddie act all suspicious #eastenders," a second added, as a third shared online: "Freddie seemed a bit to defensive in that questioning.. I still think there’s a twist to this lily storyline #EastEnders."

12-year-old Lily is pregnant
12-year-old Lily is pregnant

A fourth penned: "Freddie putting himself straight in the frame there #EastEnders."

"Freddie acting suspicious….#EastEnders," a fifth wrote, with a sixth adding: "So are we still thinking little Ricky is the dad??? Freddie seems very angry and quick to shout at the police “Ask Stacey she knows” hhhhhmmm #EastEnders."

In today's episode, Martin struggled as he found out from the social services that Lily was pregnant. Stacey had tried to warn him but was unable to get hold of them before the police had come round.

Stacey has been supporting her daughter
Stacey has been supporting her daughter ( BBC)

Lily has said that Ricky is the father of the baby, after the pair got intimate one day together.

Ricky has no idea that Lily is pregnant, while the youngster told her mum that they are not together and that they had sex after opening up to each other about recent struggles in their personal lives.

*EastEnders airs Mondays through Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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