EastEnders tease explosive fall out as the Panesars and Mitchells go to war



EastEnders have teased some explosive scenes ahead as the Mitchells and the Panesars go to war.

Phil Mitchell - played by Steve McFadden - has been ruling the streets of Walford for months since his return, but it looks like Nish Panesar is keen to take that crown and there seems to be some huge scenes ahead as the pair declare war on one another.

On the BBC soap next week, tensions are rising between the duo. The pair are discussing a new business deal at the Mitchell household, only making things worse as the pair can't see eye to eye.

Nish Panesar means business
Nish Panesar means business ( BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Suki is keen to warn Nish that he should just stay away from the Mitchells but he isn't keen to take the advice and decides that he's going to hatch a new plan, asking son Vinny to take part in his new idea.

Waging war on the Mitchells, Nish and Vinny go behind Suki's back - but what is their big plan and how will it all play out?

Following the execution of their devastating plan, Phil storms into the Panesars home and accuses Nish of causing trouble. Suki immediately jumps to her husband's defence and gives him an alibi.

The pair face off
The pair face off ( BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

However, despite the alibi, it seems the Mitchells are keen to take revenge and later that day, the Minute Mart is turned upside down by an intruder. Nish and Suki are clearly worried about what's happening, with Eve stepping in to help clear things up.

Later at home, Suki confronts Nish - but will he confess to what he did or will he keep it a secret?

Nish is played by Navin Chowdhry and when he arrived in the Square last Autumn, he promised there would be lots of "drama and mayhem" ahead, with Nish set to "set off a few fireworks".

Phil is less than happy
Phil is less than happy ( BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

"It’s been great – everyone has been lovely. My role at the moment has been focused around the Panesar family, but everyone has been extremely welcoming," he said of joining the soap, "I’ve never worked on a show like EastEnders, so it’s been a new experience for me; but I loved the storylines and I’ve got a keen interest in this family because there’s so much happening at all times!

"Nish is an interesting character – slightly unconventional, and with that brings drama, and mayhem. I think there’s a good man under there but turmoil follows these guys [the Panesar’s] around so I'm excited to join in and set off a few more explosions."

Chris Clenshaw, the soap's Executive Producer, added of the new arrival: "The spectre of Nish Panesar is finally here, and it’s been a pleasure welcoming Navin to the cast, and take to the role so effortlessly; he brings something to the character that none of us could’ve predicted. His dynamic on and off-screen, and we’re excited to see where his character develops as the story grows."

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