Emily Atack fans 'feel sick' as star details emotional turmoil from graphic messages



Emily Atack has been praised by fans as she detailed the emotional turmoil from receiving unwanted sexual messages – with some revealing they "felt sick" by her revealations.

The actress and TV presenter opened up about her experiences with the vile messages she's received and explained what she has been going through after being subjected to vile messages and photos from men she doesn't know on social media. She is regularly bombarded with sexually explicit images and videos as well as messages on Instagram, which she discussed in her new documentary.

Her documentary called Emily Atack: Asking for It? was broadcasted on BBC Two tonight as she revealed some of the harrowing messages and photos she has received from a string of men online.

Emily has been subjected to vile sexual messages
Emily has been subjected to vile sexual messages ( BBC)

Speaking about her experiences, Emily said: "My whole life, I’ve been sexually harassed. In the streets, I’ve been flashed. It’s ­happened since I was 10. Now I’m sexually harassed online every day. I find it ­really tough.

"I did the ­documentary to talk about the implications. There’s no accountability. It’s not ­illegal to send this stuff to people."

She explained in the past that she was "very damaged" by what has happened and is constantly blamed for the messages.

She fronted a documentary about it tonight ( INSTAGRAM)

"I'm very damaged by the things that have happened to me," she added, "I’m constantly being blamed for it all. I’m a very sexually liberated woman, I talk about my life in that way. I’m constantly told I’m to blame."

During the documentary, she spoke to various people including her mum and dad. Her mum got emotional as she heard what her daughter had been subjected to, whilst Emily also spoke to the police about her experiences.

At the end of the documentary, she said the problem is with the person sending the messages and not herself, adding: "I’m not asking for it. It is your fault. I’m not going to change what I’m doing because I get sexually harassed. It’s not our behaviour that has to change."

Emily admitted the messages have taken a toll on her
Emily admitted the messages have taken a toll on her ( ITV)

Viewers tuning into the documentary praised Emily's bravery for speaking out on the topic.

"Watching #EmilyAtack documentary. Feel sick that she has had to put up with that s**t. Even at the bottom of the #standupcomedy ladder that s**t is rife," one wrote, as a second added: "Emily receives this daily sorry it's disgusting but needs to be addressed: @EmAtack and no woman should receive this."

A third shared: "Watching the Emily Atack prog on BBC2, some sick f*****s about that need locking up."

Before a fourth commented: "It's disgusting what Emily Atack has to endure online every day. Good on her for speaking out about it #EmilyAtack."

While others praised Emily for being open about the subject. One wrote: "#EmilyAtack The documentary I have just watched with @EmAtack

about unsolicited sexual images being sent to females right up and down the country from men, should be a compulsory part of the sex education curriculum for young lads. An incredibly brave thing to do. Well done".

Another added: "What an incredibly strong, brave & eloquent woman Emily Atack is. No one should have to put up with this disgusting behaviour".

"Cried my eyes out watching Emily Atack on just now. Why should any woman go through what she went through. It’s disgusting. Something needs doing my social media platforms and the government. Very brave of @EmAtack to talk about this you can see it’s very raw," a third penned.

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