Father Brown season 10, episode 4 cast: Who is in The Beast of Wedlock?



This week’s episode of BBC series Father Brown focuses on a mythical beast, a missing person and a murder all rolled into one with the titular crime-solving priest (played by Mark Williams) having his work really cut out for him. Faces from Father Brown’s past will be colliding with his present when he receives a visit from an old friend as well as encountering one of his brothers in arms from the trenches during World War I. Father Brown will be heading to the neighbouring village of Wedlock – hence the name of the title – to investigate his new case.

He will be fighting to prove the innocence of his friend’s son after he is suspected of murdering the local vicar.

Moreover, Father Brown and his crime-solving friends will be really questioning whether the ferocious creature – called the Byakko – might actually exist after a couple claim to have seen it.

Added into the mix, will be an eccentric woman who paints pictures of the Byakko, pouring more fuel to the fire about the monster’s existence.

Father Brown will be really put to the test as he tries to crack this case with the Catholic priest hoping to unmask the killer before runs out and the wrong person goes down for the crime.

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Teasing the episode, lead Williams said: “There are some strange mythical beasts, and Father Brown meets somebody from back in his past which has a bearing on the story.”

While Brenda Palmer actress said about the universal popularity of the long-running series: “Father Brown is a show that is warm, family friendly and exciting.

“The scripts are fantastic, and there is of course the beautiful old English feel, with the countryside views and landscapes.

“The old cars, the costumes, the set – it all comes together and works so brilliantly.”

Palmer added: “A show that definitely appeals and thrives worldwide.”

Who is in the cast of Father Brown season 10 episode 4?

Sam Wadey – Clifford Barry

Clifford Barry plays Sam Wadey, Father Brown’s wartime friend who served with him during the Great War and is now the church warden in Wedlock.

Barry has appeared in Coronation Street, Doctors, Game of Thrones, Jonathan Creek, Just Visiting and Unforgotten.

Duchess – Anna Wilson-Jones

Anna Wilson-Jones will be playing the odd Duchess, who has been creating paintings of the mysterious Byakko.

Wilson-Jones counts credits in ITV’s Victoria, Black Mirror, Vera, Industry and Grantchester, among other roles.

Professor Garcia – Alex Waldmann

Alex Waldmann takes on academic Professor Garcia, who swears he’s seen the beast of Wedlock.

Waldmann has appeared in Strike Back, Humans on Channel 4, The Duchess of Malfi, Copenhagen and Psychoville.

Sylvia Garcia – Celine Arden

Celine Arden portrays the professor’s wife Sylvia Garcia, who is also convinced to have spotted the Byakko.

Arden has featured in Bridgerton, Damage, Krypton, Bloods and Invasion Planet Earth.

Father Brown season 10 airs on BBC One on Fridays at 1.45pm and season 10 is streaming as a boxset on the BBC iPlayer now

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