GB News star jokes Katie Price's Turkey teeth are affecting signals in tech blunder



GB presenter Mark Dolan said Katie Price's bright white teeth were affecting the signal during her interview.

The former glamour model, 44, appeared on the channel and discussed everything from the horrific injury she suffered on her feet in 2020 to her trauma.

She opened up about the moment she fell from a 25-foot wall and broke both her feet while on holiday in Turkey.

However, during the video chat with Mark, there was an accidental blunder when she flashed her sparkling teeth and soon lost signal.

She told the host: "I was on holiday getting my teeth done as you can see they’re so white... "

Mark then asked if she 'flossed today,' to which she told him: "Nah, I don't need to floss."

Katie Price
Katie discussed her foot injury and her trauma

After the comments on her teeth, she soon lost signal and couldn't hear Mark talking to her.

The producers then had to cut her off the line while they tried to fix the issue.

"Now we've just lost the lovely Katie - Katie can you hear me now?" he joked.

"Do you know what I think is happening, Katie? I think your teeth are affecting the signal," he added.

GB news
The interview had to be cut off after she lost signal ( GM NEWS)

During the chat, Katie opened up about her trauma and how she is putting her controversial past behind her.

Throughout bankruptcy, arrests, marriage breakdowns, and a suicide attempt, Katie has managed to work through her trauma and has now found herself at one of the most positive stages in her life as she concentrates on her family and career.

Discussing how she stays positive, she said she sees herself as 'a bit of an inspirational person' to others who are in a dark place.

She explained how she stays so positive
She explained how she stays so positive ( @Katieprice/Instagram)

Katie explained that she has picked herself back up countless times after finding herself at 'rock bottom', insisting that if she can get through everything that she's been through, then so can anyone else.

"I genuinely have been through traumatic experiences. I have come on top each time and I talk about everything that happens in my life, so I suppose I could be an inspiring person to people," she explained.

"I don't ever do anything right. There are people who think that I am their role model, but I do a lot of things wrong."

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