Ghislaine Maxwell refuses to apologise to Epstein's victims but hopes 'they have closure'



Ghislaine Maxwell said she hopes Jeffrey Epstein 's victims "have some closure via the judicial process" during her interview with Jeremy Kyle on Monday night.

Speaking from prison, the convicted sex trafficker, 61, stated victims and women who feel betrayed by her "should take their disappointment and upset out on the authorities that allowed that to happen".

Maxwell went on to claim she hopes victims of her ex-partner Epstein's sex crimes have a "productive and good life going forward" when speaking with Kyle during a one-hour pre-recorded broadcast.

In Monday's special edition of Jeremy Kyle Live: Ghislaine Behind Bars, Maxwell discussed her relationship with Epstein, who was found dead in a prison cell in 2019 at the age of 66, in an interview from her prison cell.

Ghislaine Maxwell and epstein
Ghislaine Maxwell told Jeremy Kyle she regrets ever meeting her former boyfriend ( Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

She told Kyle how she believes her ex-partner was murdered and recalled being shocked when she was told he had died, adding: "Then I wondered how it had happened? Because as far as I was concerned, he was going to, I was sure he was going to appeal. And I was sure he was covered under the non-prosecution agreement."

Maxwell is currently serving 20 years behind bars at a Florida jail for luring young girls to massage rooms for the disgraced financier between 1994 and 2004.

She told Kyle during their interview how she works in the prison's library and struggles being a vegetarian behind bars, due to the "beyond tasteless" food served to inmates.

maxwell on phone in prison
The convicted sex trafficker spoke to Kyle from prison ( TalkTV)

When being given the opportunity to offer an apology to her victims, the women who feel betrayed by her and want to see her remain in prison, Maxwell said: "I say Epstein has died and they should take their disappointment and upset out on the authorities that allowed that to happen.

"And, as I said, I hope that they have some closure via the judicial process that took place.

"And I wish them, er.....time is ticking on and to be able to have a productive and good life going forward. And that's what I hope for them."

Kyle asked Maxwell if she considered herself a victim of Epstein's crimes.

maxwell on phone in prison
Maxwell claims Epstein 'devastated' her life ( TalkTV)

"Well, I don't actually love the use of the word 'victim’ per se because I think it's used a lot and bandied about a lot," she told the TalkTV presenter.

"But clearly my association by the fact that I worked for him and spent time with him and knew him has devastated my life and hurt many people that I love and hold dear around me."

Maxwell was arrested back in 2020 on five charges that she conspired with Epstein to sexually abuse minors. In 2020, Maxwell was found guilty of five out of the six charges in her trial, including sex trafficking a minor.

Kyle slammed Maxwell during his show for not apologising to victims ( MEGA)

Jurors did not find Maxwell guilty of one account: enticement of an individual under the age of 17 to travel with intent to engage in illegal sexual activity.

In June 2022, she was sentenced in a New York court to 20 years imprisonment.

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