Ginny and Georgia season 3 to see huge change for Zion as star teases ‘parent role’



The second season of Netflix’s hit family series was non-stop drama up until the very last moments, which saw single mother Georgia Miller (played by Brianne Howey) carted off by the police for suspected murder. Now she’s facing years behind bars, Ginny’s (Antonia Gentry) biological father Zion (Nathan Mitchell) may have to step up his responsibilities once Ginny and Georgia returns.

Nathan has confirmed Georgia’s arrest at the end of season two will have a huge effect on Zion’s role in the series.

In the latest outing of Ginny and Georgia, the titular single mother made the tough decision to relieve Cynthia’s (Sabrina Grdevich) terminally ill husband by suffocating him in his coma.

However, she has also been hiding two more murders from her past, those of her abusive partners, which could eventually come to light next season.

With Ginny’s mother potentially facing a life-long prison sentence, does Georgia’s new husband Mayor Paul Randolph (Scott Porter) and ex-Zion have what it takes to look after the family?

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Cast member Nathan has teased the possibility of becoming much more involved with Ginny and her brother Austin (Diesel La Torraca) now Georgia is out of the picture.

“Depending on what happens – I think she’s going to be in some trouble – he’s going to have to take over the parent role,” he explained.

“Maybe Ginny and Austin have to stay with him for a while, while Georgia figures her stuff out, and deals with all these issues.”

Zion previously resurfaced near the end of season one, which prompted some concerns for Ginny who thought her parents could get back together despite Georgia’s commitment to Paul.

“He’s going to have to be there physically, and take care of them, but also mentally, emotionally, and psychologically helping them navigate through this.

“Also seeing what he can do, or if there’s anything he can do, to help Georgia in the situation, you know?”

As for the rest of season three, Nathan is hoping to see much more of Zion’s developing romance with Simone as well as more scenes with the core family.

“I would like to go further with what we explored this season,” he said.

“So exploring another dimension of Zion and Ginny’s relationship – the father/daughter relationship. And also explore more of Zion and Georgia’s co-parenting relationship.

“And then, I’d love to see where things go with Simone. I think it’s always fun when you throw Georgia in the mix there, where you have those three together, and have them navigate this new dynamic that they exist in.”

A third season of Ginny and Georgia hasn’t been confirmed just yet, but hopefully, the growing list of loose ends and cliffhangers will be tied up soon.

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