Happy Valley ending teased as Sarah Lancashire stepped in to change 'not right' finale



Happy Valley's Sarah Lancashire stepped in to change the finale - as she didn't think it was "right".

Sarah plays Catherine Cawood in the hit BBC drama, which wraps up this weekend with a huge finale. Tommy Lee Royce, played by James Norton, managed to escape from the courthouse and now fans are convinced there could be one more face off between Sergeant Cawood and her arch nemesis before the show wraps up.

It's not been revealed that Sarah spoke up and stepped in to change the finale of the show, which James has now described as a "magical" ending to the BBC hit drama, as fans continue to share their theories.

How will it all end for Sergeant Cawood this weekend
How will it all end for Sergeant Cawood this weekend ( BBC)

"We had one version of the end that didn’t feel quite right," James Norton told The Big Issue, "Sally [Wainwright] knew it and Sarah spoke up and said it doesn’t feel right. A month later, we got a new script and it all fell into place. It was magical."

James admitted he would have loved to keep going with the show, but knows it has to end, and is hopeful that everyone will love the ending and won't be "disappointed" with how they've all decided to end the show.

He said: "Selfishly, I love Happy Valley, creatively and commercially. So I’m slightly conflicted because personally, I would love to keep going. But deep down I’m with Sally. This is the right call. So I hope the ending doesn’t disappoint."

Catherine and Tommy are arch enemies
Catherine and Tommy are arch enemies ( BBC)

It comes after it was revealed the final scenes have been filmed in multiple ways to stop the ending being leaked.

"The scripts were seen by those who needed to see them but even they haven't given away how things will come to an end because the scenes were filmed in different ways," the source told Mail Online.

"From the beginning of the planning of series three, Sally and her team wanted to end the show in a sensational way and give viewers an ending they won't forget - she also didn't want any spoilers to ruin things. It is going to be epic, and all the more so because nobody knows the ending. It has been really cleverly done to keep fans guessing right up until the very end."

This will be the last ever episode
This will be the last ever episode

Happy Valley's creator Sally Wainwright previously revealed the dark origin behind the show's title.

She explained: "I always work closely with police advisors, who are old police officers who have worked in the area, and one of them told me that is what they call the Valley because of issues with drugs. For me, it reflected the show.

"It’s dark, but it has also got a lot of humour in it. I think less so in season one, more so in season two. We want to continue that in the new season. It’s still very much about the dark side of life, but it’s also about how within that people always find ways of being funny and warm and human."

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