Jeremy Clarkson blames ‘new residents from London’ for local fury over farm shop



The 62-year-old broadcaster said new arrivals to his village from London have resented fans flocking to the shop and cafe.

The Amazon Prime Video show Clarkson’s Farm has followed him getting to grips with rural life near Chadlington, Oxfordshire.

Ahead of next month’s second series, Jeremy said: “It’s difficult to say how many people support us in the village and how many don’t. Some of it, I’m sure, comes from my past, and driving quickly around corners while shouting, and they didn’t find that appealing.

“As far as the farm is concerned, it’s split pretty neatly between those who have a house number – you know, 22 Oak Avenue or 3 Grove or whatever – who tend to support us, because we bring business to the area and jobs for their kids.

“Some of them are more than happy to go have a nice pint with a lovely view just up the road.

“If they’ve got a house name, they tend not to like us, because they tend to have moved here from London quite recently, and they don’t want crowds of people coming to the farm shop.”

Jeremy purchased the farm in 2008 but started running it in 2019.

The ex-Top Gear star’s shop and cafe have fallen foul of council planners. They are due to reopen after a break on February 11, just as the second series launches. – ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress