Judi Love gobsmacked as Kaye Adams says Prince Harry is a 'strange race campaigner'



Loose Women star Judi Love was shocked after Kaye Adams said Prince Harry is a 'strange race campaigner'.

The Duke Of Sussex has been the topic of conversation ahead of the release of his tell-all interview with Tom Bradby and his memoir, Spare.

Things quickly became heated between the Loose Women panellists as they shared their opinions on the claims he made.

While Judi said she sees that he is obviously 'struggling', Kaye thought he was a 'strange race campaigner'.

"I would never contradict you on this, Judi, because you've obviously lived the experience but I must say, I think he's a strange race campaigner," she said.

Judi, looking shocked, asked her why she thought that.

Kaye Adams
Kaye said he was a 'strange race campaigner' ( ITV)

Kaye said it was 'based on his history'.

Judi insisted that he might have 'learned', saying: "And now he's trying to say, 'actually, my eyes have opened to what I've been involved in or to what other black people or people of different cultures and ethnicities have experienced'."

During the conversation, Judi and Denise Welch backed Prince Harry, while Frankie Bridge insisted that she was 'sick of the debate' and pitting William and Kate against Harry and his wife, Meghan.

Meanwhile, Thursday's episode of Loose Women saw the stars discuss the claim that Prince William lunged at Price Harry, ripping his necklace and knocking him to the floor where he smashed a dog's bowl that he landed on.

Judi Love
Judi was shocked and asked why she thought that ( ITV)

Denise defended Harry and Meghan while presenter Jane Moore criticised them.

Jane described it as ‘hurtful’ to read such accusations had been made in ‘public’, before Denise cut in to rebuff her.

She said: “Why shouldn't Harry say his piece, Jane? I think he’s had to move away from a family – they’ve done it behind his back.”

Jane interrupted to say Harry was only making the claims public to 'make money'.

Prince Harry
His interview and memoir is being released soon ( ITV)

Denise responded: “Jane, you talked to me about interrupting.”

She continued: “The fact is the Royal Family make quite a bit of money themselves.

“They have been leaking stories. We know they have. As soon as Meghan was seen as the People’s Princess, that was game over, because William and Kate have to remain in those positions.

“Meghan was in those rooms on the global stage with charities – she didn’t do that just when she got married to Harry.

“I think do what you like. Tell your story because I think it's absolutely the worst thing that's happened to them.

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