Lord Alan Sugar mocked by fans after he gets EastEnders storyline wrong



The Apprentice’s Lord Alan Sugar has been mocked by fans after he appears to have lost track of who’s who in EastEnders.

The tycoon tried to take a punt at getting involved in the BBC One soap’s melodrama on Friday, as he weighed in on Zack Hudson’s devastating HIV storyline.

This week in Walford has seen Zack ( James Farrar ) discover he may have HIV after sharing steroid needles with bartender Brett Nelson (Fabrizio Santino) years prior.

As Zack is expecting a baby with Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty), Zack has been reckoning with the fact that he may have passed the disease onto both Whitney and their unborn child.

The 75-year-old Apprentice star took to Twitter to try and weigh in on the drama, but fans quickly realised Lord Sugar might have got his wires crossed and mixed up two of the women on the soap.

The tycoon tried to take a punt at getting involved in the BBC One soap’s melodrama
The tycoon tried to weigh in on the BBC One soap’s melodrama ( NurPhoto via Getty Images)

He wrote: “So Zack might be HIV positive. If he is then the baby growing inside Tiffany could also be HIV.

“If Zack gets tested and he is positive, he will have to tell Tiffany, she will have to decide if to terminate the pregnancy.”

Fans were quick to point out that Lord Sugar had mixed up his characters, confusing Whitney and Tiffany Butcher-Baker, played by Maisie Smith, who has not appeared on the soap since late 2021.

Whitney says goodbye to her friend Tiffany as she prepares to flee Walford ( BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

The character left with Keegan Baker ( Zack Morris ) to go to Germany after reconciling with a romantic kiss.

Several fans took to the comments section to correct Lord Sugar, telling him he had mixed up the sisters.

One wrote: “Tiffany Mitchell's been dead since NYE 1998, and Tiffany Butcher-Baker lives in Germany. It's Whitney Dean who's pregnant.”

Maisie has played Tiffany Butcher on EastEnders since 2008 ( BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Another added: “Ultimately the facts about cases like this will be shown in EastEnders for better understanding by the general public about HIV and the implications for all... Defo needs to be talked about well done EastEnders and it's Whitney lord sugar.”

A third joked: “Could you do these updates weekly please. Would save me having to watch. Any chance of an Emmerdale update too. Cheers Alan.”

Another hypothesised: “No if Tiffany takes her meds then the baby won’t be HIV positive. But even if it was born HIV positive it would just be on meds for all its (normal) life so the question of termination should not be on the table (for the reason of HIV it could of course be on the table broadly).”

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