Love Island fans fear Jessie is 'looking for excuse' to dump Will after 'warning shot'



Love Island fans fear trouble could be on the cards for Jessie Wynter and Will Young, with one viewer saying there's already been the "first warning shot".

Fans were delighted when farmer Will, 23, coupled up with fitness instructor Jessie, after some bad luck in the villa, and many have been rooting for the couple.

But now, some believe there could be trouble in paradise, after Jessie got annoyed with Will, with viewers thinking she might be looking for a way out of the couple.

It came after, during a game in yesterday's episode, where new girl Ellie chose to pop a balloon against Will, and he acted like he loved it.

Could there be trouble for Will and Jessie?
Could there be trouble for Will and Jessie? ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Jessie then pulled Will aside to tell Will she wasn't happy with his over acting.

She told him: “Your reaction to the popping the balloon thing, I wasn’t angry but I was like ‘Oh, you rolling your eyes back into your head was a little bit much.’”

Will questioned: “Did I? Did I?”

Jessie replied: “Yeah, you were a little bit dramatic with that.”

Will then apologised, telling Jessie: “Ok sorry, I’d like to apologise because I’m a bit of a showman.”

Ellie and her new partner Ron shared a toast
Ellie ignited problems for Will and Jessie ( ITV)

One person took to Twitter to give their view, saying: "I really hope Jessie was jealous and not just looking for an excuse to end it with Will."

Another said: "Jessie looking to bounce as soon as she can from Will. She's already told him he gave her the ick. The first warning shot."

A third viewer wrote: "Jessie going for any excuse to dump will cos she never liked him in the first place."

Meanwhile, contestants Ellie Spence and Tanya Manhenga are on to "game player" Ron Hall it seems.

The stars talked about the "messy" Islander on Sunday night, with viewers claiming they had "clocked on" to his games.

Ron is currently paired up with Lana Jenkins, while he recently seemed keen to get to know Tanyel Revan - while also catching the eye of Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown when she joined the villa.

When Ellie debuted in a recent episode, she invited Ron on a date and they hit it off with plenty of flirting.

From that point on, Ron began telling Ellie and Lana different things about his intentions in the villa.

While he told Lana repeatedly that his main focus was her and what they had, he declined to add he was keen to get to know Ellie - despite telling Ellie this.

Fans were delighted when Will and Jessie coupled up
Fans were delighted when Will and Jessie coupled up ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Eventually it all came out and led to Lana questioning their romance, only for Ron to choose Lana and tell Ellie that he no longer wanted to see if they could work.

It seems Ellie has got Ron sussed, as she called him "messy" and told other Islanders he was the "biggest game player" in the villa.

Tanya was quick to claim that if someone else came in that he liked the look of, Ron's head would quickly spin. - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress