Love Island fans rumble reason behind Shaq and Haris' row as chaos erupts in villa



Love Island fans have rumbled the reason behind Shaq and Haris' fight on the ITV2 show tonight.

It's only the fourth day of the new series, and there's already much drama on the programme, with tonight's episode nearly ending in a physical fight as Shaq squared up to Haris in dramatic scenes over a comment he made. Many fans were left puzzled as the group seemed to just be chatting before everything kicked off and the fight ensued.

However, some viewers have now worked out what Haris said that caused so much upset for Shaq amid his budding romance with Tanya, who also has her eyes on new bombshell David too.

Everything seemed to be relatively calm..
Everything seemed to be relatively calm... ( ITV)

As the group all sat down following a dramatic game of non-alcoholic beer pong, a fight soon broke out between Shaq and Haris.

"Shaq is definitely in his feelings over Tanya kissing David, I’m assuming that’s why he blew up at Haris for asking #loveisland," one viewer wrote, as a second added: "SHAQ NEEDED TO DO WHAT NEEDED TO BE DONE! We don’t want to watch another 8 weeks of guys like Haris trying to repeat what Luca Dami & Jacques got up to last year #LoveIsland."

A third shared on social media as they reacted to the row between the pair: "Haris asked the guy with the dead trim (David?) how his kiss with Tanya was and Shaq said he’s always s*** stirring and that’s why they’re fighting lol."

However soon things kicked off
However soon things kicked off ( ITV)

"Tanya chose to kiss 3 people instead of Shaq. Also kissed David as well. he mad she never kissed him and when Haris stirred the pot he was not happy," a fourth penned as they took to Twitter to give their verdict.

A fifth added: "Shaq starting trouble with Haris was the buildup of seeing Tanya kiss another lad. I’m so here for this drama."

Shaq has been keen on Tanya since day one, but the arrival of bombshell David caused problems for him as he also took a shine to the biomedical science student and influencer when she stepped into the villa.

The boys had to be kept apart by the other Islanders
The boys had to be kept apart by the other Islanders ( ITV)

David isn't holding back this summer - and will do whatever he can to find love.

"It’s exciting as I’m potentially meeting someone I’ve never met that I could bond with," he said of joining the show, "I'll bring good vibes, energy, I’m very personable. I’m actually excited to meet new people, aside from a partner, friends as well.

"Listen, there’s only one David Salako. There we go. If you’re in a relationship with me it’ll be nothing but good fun, vibes. I think I’m alright looking as well. I’m a really good judge of character. I feel like I can read someone." - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress