Love Island fans shower Tanya with praise as she swerves kiss from 'desperate' Shaq



Love Island viewer have showered Tanya with endless praise after she swerved a kiss from Shaq.

The gorgeous islander insisted that she intends on waiting to lock lips with the handsome hunk again until they get to know one another a little better.

Model Tanya, 22, and airport security officer Shaq, 24, coupled up during Monday's episode after they liked what they saw in one another on first glances.

And although the pair are clearly fond of one another, Tanya is making her man wait for any more romance.

On Tuesday's instalment of the ITV2 dating show, Shaq told Tanya he wanted to kiss her, but the model insisted that he would have to wait before the pair go any further.

It wasn't long before viewers flocked to Twitter to praise Tanya for 'keeping her head on her shoulders'.

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"Tanya is a real one for not giving in and kissing Shaq. Bit desperate from him tbh," one viewer complained.

"YASSSS TANYA! We love a self-aware queen. They've only known one another for like 24 hours," another echoed.

A third quipped: "Tanya is a great role model. As for Shaq, he needs to CHILL."

Love Island fans have praised Tanya
Love Island fans have praised Tanya ( ITV)

"Yes girls, that's how you do it. Treat them mean, keep them keen," someone else tweeted.

"Tanya is by far my fave!!! She's got such a good head on her shoulders for someone so young," another gushed.

Discussing the moment with the other girls the next morning, Tanya explained: "He was like, I want my own kiss now. We were close. I was like, no, I think you'll have to wait."

Tanya turned down Shaq's kiss
Tanya turned down Shaq's kiss ( ITV)

Shaq and Tanya became the very first couple of the 2023 series to couple up.

The pair had eyes for one another the moment they met as Shaq stepped forward for gorgeous Tanya.

Luckily for him, she liked him back.

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