Love Island fans 'work out' real reason behind Zara and Olivia spat amid fakery row



Love Island’s Zara and Liv have come under flack from fans as their feud on the ITV2 dating show escalated this week.

The ITV2 reality dating show returned with another explosive episode this week as the winter series gets well underway in sunny South Africa.

The ITV2 show has seen multiple feuds erupt in the past days as the Islanders mark a week since they walked into the South African villa.There has already been plenty of swapping partners and shock confessions from Islanders.

There has also been the arrival of no less than five bombshells, with one of them already exiting the villa in the first dramatic recoupling.

Ring girl and actress Olivia and model Zara have failed to see eye to eye as of late after a game of beer pong turned into chaos and the situation grew increasingly tense on Monday evening’s episode.

The pair were again at loggerheads after a game of never have I ever,
The pair were again at loggerheads after a game of never have I ever ( ITV)

The pair have been at odds ever since they rowed over Zara's claim that Liv was the most two-faced person on the show, leaving the actress fuming.

The pair were again at loggerheads after a game of never have I ever, which saw Olivia approach Zara and Tom before asking if he could step away for a private chat.

Zara then questioned what the pair had spoken about before Olivia replied that the conversation was "private."

"Private? Well, I like to be open here so can I ask you what it was about?" asked Zara before Olivia reiterated that the pair spoke in private.

The pair have been at odds
The pair have been at odds ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

But Zara wasn't backing down, explaining that she and Tom are coupled up so his conversation with Olivia is a "concern" to her, adding that she can "see a future" with the semi-professional footballer.

Olivia asked: “Are you married?” to which Zara replied: “I’m here to find someone and I see a future with him.”

The tense exchange has left fans puzzled why the situation has ramped up so quickly, with many speculating the pair could have an acrimonious history outside the villa.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "I don’t understand what’s happened between Zara and Liv? Why do they hate each other? Why does Zara think that her and Tom are married? It’s Love Island - isn’t the whole point to chat everyone up."

The tense exchange has left fans puzzled
The tense exchange has left fans puzzled ( ITV)

A second speculated: "I feel like Zara and Olivia slept with the same person. That’s why they hate each other."

Another similarly chimed in suggesting the drama could be 'scripted' by the ITV2 show, writing: "The drama between Olivia and Zara would be a lot better if they didn’t know each other prior the show. Is it staged? Previous drama? I need answers."

"This show is too scripted this year man. Zara and Olivia knew each other before the show…" another wrote.

Love Island fans have accused Olivia and Zara of creating fake drama amid their repeated rows, which seemingly erupted out of nowhere.

The pair knew each other before going into the villa, commenting on one another's Instagram posts, but now fans of the ITV2 show are convinced that they are deliberately creating drama in a bid to get more screen time.

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