Love Island panic as contestants and crew 'hit with nasty stomach illness'



Love Island's cast and crew have reportedly been hit by a nasty stomach bug.

The sexy singletons have only been in the South African villa for two weeks and the contestants and the production team are now suffering from an illness.

According to sources, the bug - which makes them sick with diarrhoea - has been making the rounds around the villa.

A source claimed: "Love Island might look very sexy on the television but behind the scenes there has been a bug going around.

"As well as rushing to the Beach Hut for a chat, the islanders have also been dashing off to use the loo."

The insider added that the illness has been 'pretty rough' for some of the people, including those behind the camera.

Love Island
The cast and crew are reportedly sick with a stomach bug ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

They added to The Sun: "It has torn its way through the set and the aftermath has been less than appealing."

Despite the reported illness, the contestants have been busy trying to impress each other and find the perfect partner.

Samie Elishi, who recently entered the villa, is hoping to get to know semi-pro footballer Tom Clare.

She explained: "Initial attraction, I'm probably most attracted to you looks-wise but I also like that you're quite cheeky."

He asked Senior Estate Agent Coordinator Samie if he's at the top of her list.

"You are, you're up there but other people are up there too, I don't give everything away," she said.

He admitted: "I can't lie, I do fancy you."

Meanwhile, he was seen sharing a secret kiss with Ellie Spence on the terrace in last night's episode.

Love Island
The stars are still focused on grafting despite the sudden illness ( ITV)

When he returned to hang out with the boys, he decided to keep the cosy moment a secret from them.

It looks like Tom might have more than he bargained for as Olivia Hawkins still wants to get to know him.

"He doesn’t want you babes," she said after he had a chat with Ellie.

She then told Tanya: "I'll only go back to him if he puts an effort in."

Fans were shocked by her reaction and took to social media to comment on it.

"Watching Olivia be delusional about Tom and keep mentioning him showing effort, is really making me cackle this episode," one said.

"Zara’s karma, let her tussle with Ellie now for a guy who don’t want her."

Another posted: "Olivia is really fooling herself thinking Tom wants to win her back."

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