Love Island star Haris' dad says son is not a 'bad boy' and fight is a 'misunderstanding'



Haris Namani's father has spoken out in defence of his son, after footage emerged of the reality TV star fighting with another man during a night out in Doncaster last year.

The dumped Love Island star's dad claims the 21-year-old boxer is actually friends with the other man in the video and has lashed out at claims his son is a 'a thug'.

Mehedin Namani says there is no bad blood between the two men involved in the street brawl filmed two years ago and claims the entire incident was a misunderstanding.

His comments come as Love Island is set to show Haris become the second Islander to be booted off in a savage double dumping during tonight's update from the villa, with the explosive scenes filmed on Monday night.

Haris Namani in the villa
One of Haris Namani's friends has claimed the Love Island star is one good terms with the man he was filmed fighting ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Haris' pending exit comes after a video emerged appearing to show the ITV star in an ugly street fight - with many horrified by the footage.

The clip shows Haris landing a punch on the unnamed man as they face off in the street.

"This happened two years ago. They're friends, they shook hands. This was a long time ago - it's nothing," Haris' dad has said when discussing the fight video.

Haris Namani
The Love Island star's dad says his son is 'not a bad boy' ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

"He's not a bad boy, he's got a good record. He's been brought up in the right way. This is just people who are jealous and they want to put him down," Mr Namani added when speaking to the MailOnline.

A friend of Haris' added how the physical fight occurred due "a misunderstanding" between the amateur boxer and the other male in the video.

The Love Island star's pal claims "the kid who Haris punched is okay with him now" and if anyone was to speak to him, he wouldn't have a bad word to say about Haris.

He added how he doesn't believed the unknown man would be happy about the video being made public.

topless haris by the pool
Haris' final Love Island scenes will air tonight ( ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Following footage of the fight being published on Monday night, a spokesperson for Love Island told the Mirror: "Language and behaviour in the Villa is always closely monitored, and Islanders are reminded of what we consider acceptable during their time on the show.

"Extensive duty of care protocols for all Islanders includes video training and guidance covering language and behaviour."

Love Island fans will be able to watch Haris exiting the villa in South Africa during this evening's show.

After Monday night's episode, viewers were given twenty minutes to vote for their favourite male and female islander.

all the islanders around the fire pit
Haris won't be the only islander to be booted from the villa this evening ( ITV)

The results were then revealed to the contestants, with Haris becoming the latest star to leave, , following David Salako out the door.

"Haris was booted off Love Island last night. There was a dumping and he got the chop. It is, in part, a relief for the show's bosses in light of the video of Haris in a street fight," a source told The Sun.

A show spokesperson told The Mirror: "We would never comment on dumpings or show formats to avoid ruining the show for the viewers." - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress