Love Island stars forced to step in as feud escalates in dramatic scenes



Love Islanders were forced to step in after a fight broke out between Shaq and Harris in the last minutes of the show.

It came as the cast had been dealing with the fallout of bombshells Zara and David entering the villa.

salesman Haris, 21, and Shaq, 24, rowed after a kiss between Tanya, 22, and David, 24.

The contestants were playing beer pong and dares, with David tasked with kissing the girl he fancies most for 30 seconds – and he picks Tanya.

Later, Harris asks David what his kiss with Tanya was like, leaving Shaq, who has been in a couple with Tanya and kissed her in last night's episode, angry.

Shaq and Harris are separated
Shaq and Harris are separated ( ITV)

Shaq accused Haris of ‘s**t stirring’ and the pair began shouting at each other.

The remaining guys step in and tell Shaq and Harris to go to other parts of the island in order to calm down.

Meanwhile, fans are convinced they've worked out Ron's 'game plan' - as he's torn between Lana and Zara.

It all kicked off on the ITV2 show, with new bombshells Zara and David continuing to disrupt the Islanders after they went on dates with Ron and Tanya respectively. Zara knows Lana is sweet on Ron and called her aside today to speak about their romance.

During tonight's show, Zara quizzed Lana on her relationship status with Ron - and confirmed she is keen to try things out with Ron, and insisted it would be "game on" whatever she had said about their relationship going forward.

Lana also quizzed Ron about a potential romance with Zara, and he admits he wants to try and see how it goes.

"I think I’ll have conversations with her and get to know her, my head is where it was before, it’s just another girl’s been thrown in the mix to have conversations with and see if it’s better than what we have," she said.

However, fans have now worked out what Ron's game plan is ahead of the next recoupling.

One wrote: "Did Ron basically just say if Zara picks someone else at least he’ll still have Lana #LoveIsland," as a second added: "Ron needs to just be honest. Lana would bore him in the long run. Zara excites him. Tell Lana and call it a day."

A second said: "I think Ron knows Lana really likes him and he's stringing her along, just in case Zara says I like someone else, then he'll go back to Lana fully #LoveIsland."

A third fan penned: "I don't like how Ron talks about Lana like a "back up" its giving red flag... #loveisland." - ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress