Love Island's Tom shares steamy kiss with Ellie moments after leading Olivia on



Love Island 2023 aired more drama for Tom Clare on Sunday night, after he and Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown seemed to cool their romance for good.

While they agreed they would see how things went, recent drama left an upset Zara deciding she and Tom might not be a good match.

As they agreed to not be so focused on each other, Tom decided to take Olivia Hawkins for a chat in a bid to reignite things between them.

They were coupled up before Zara's arrival, and the two women have battled for Tom ever since - while Tom has led both of them on according to viewers.

Now, things have taken another turn as Tom was seen snogging new girl Ellie in the latest episode, just after his cosy chat with Olivia.

Olivia left their conversation believing they were going to try again and that Tom was going to "graft" for her, and she was thrilled.

Love Island 2023 viewers saw Tom Clare kiss Ellie Spence
Love Island 2023 viewers saw Tom Clare kiss Ellie Spence ( ITV)

What she didn't know though was that while she was speaking to the girls, Ellie had pulled Tom for a chat and things got very flirty.

Suddenly, Tom pulled Ellie in for a steamy kiss and they began laughing about it - knowing full well he had just made Olivia think they were going to be a couple.

Viewers called out Tom over the scenes, unable to believe Tom had once again played two girls against each other.

Taking to Twitter, one fan said: "I’m sorry but I feel like Tom is playing with livs feelings. One second he’s saying he wants to give it a try with Olivia next he’s kissing Ellie on the terrace,"

Another viewer said: "Tom is legit a villain. He could have swerved this and still."

Viewers called out Tom over the scenes
Viewers called out Tom over the scenes ( ITV)

A third fan added: "so tom was the real villain this whole time," as a fourth wrote: "Tom is a snake!!!!!"

It comes as Ron Hall was called out by some of his fellow Islanders on Sunday night, before he was seen smirking over the arrival of new girl Samie.

Ellie, Tanya Manhenga and Spencer Wilks are on to "game player" Ron it seems, after they began sharing their thoughts.

Ron is currently paired up with Lana Jenkins, while he recently seemed keen to get to know Tanyel Revan - while also catching the eye of Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown when she joined the villa.

When Ellie debuted in a recent episode, she invited Ron on a date and they hit it off with plenty of flirting.

From that point on, Ron began telling Ellie and Lana different things about his intentions in the villa.

Tom pulled Ellie in for a steamy kiss
Tom pulled Ellie in for a steamy kiss ( ITV)

While he told Lana repeatedly that his main focus was her and what they had, he declined to add he was keen to get to know Ellie - despite telling Ellie this.

Eventually it all came out and led to Lana questioning their romance, only for Ron to choose Lana and tell Ellie that he no longer wanted to see if they could work.

Viewers began calling out Ron over his mixed messages and antics, and now some of his Islanders have done the same.

It seems Ellie has got Ron sussed, as she called him "messy" and told other Islanders he was the "biggest game player" in the villa.

Spencer didn't appear to disagree with this, while Tanya was quick to claim that if someone else came in that he liked the look of, Ron's head would quickly spin.

Taking to Twitter after the scene aired, viewers couldn't believe the trio had "sussed" Ron, and were seeing his true games.

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