Phillip Schofield sparks uproar from This Morning fans as he defends Jeremy Clarkson



The This Morning presenter was leading a conversation with Holly Willoughby and guests on the ITV show about Jeremy Clarkson’s apology to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry following hateful remarks he made in December about the Duchess of Sussex. Although Phillip Schofield called out some of Jeremy’s remarks, he defended the 62-year-old and pointed out we “don’t know” exactly what Harry and Meghan meant in their publicised response and declared he “liked” Clarkson.

Jeremy’s December 2022 column in The Sun expressed troubling admissions that he “hated” Meghan on a “cellular level” and he wanted to see her “paraded through the streets naked”.

On Monday, it was reported the future of the journalist’s Amazon Prime series The Grand Tour was under question, with Variety claiming the streaming platform would stop working with the Clarkson’s Farm star after the already-commissioned series have aired.

On the same day, Jeremy posted an apology on Instagram and explained he’d penned a letter saying sorry to the royal couple on Christmas Day.

In response, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex claimed Clarkson emailed only Prince Harry and questioned his “long-standing pattern of writing articles that spread hate rhetoric, dangerous conspiracy theories and misogyny.”

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As the This Morning team debated the topic which is once again making headlines, Phillip defended Jeremy.

While Holly argued it was “weird” of Clarkson to address the apology to Prince Harry, Phillip jumped in to add: “We don’t know.”

He went on to say perhaps he had emailed the Prince but had addressed the apology to both.

Phillip also stated Jeremy “had apologised”. However, he continued by pointing out parts of Jeremy’s apology that haven’t gone down well, while making clear he “likes” the presenter.

Twitter user @MrsO4life wrote: “Clarkson is only apologising because it’s affecting his career #ThisMorning.”

@TellyVsPodcast added: “Philip really likes Clarkson… they are as bad as one another #ThisMorning.”

@Linz1Just penned: “Phil is the new Piers Morgan. He hates Meghan for no apparent reason #thismorning.”

“Surprise surprise Phil really likes Jeremy Clarkson #ThisMorning,” @FlopsyPickle shared, alongside an eye-rolling emoji.

@AnneCHenderson1 remarked: “Philip Schofield said Jeremy Clarkson is clever. I disagree.

“Without emotional intelligence and integrity Clarkson’s behaviour is unforgivable. Clarkson punched someone and should have been sacked then. #SackJeremyClarkson.”

@Dc7073Bloss added: “#ThisMorning I like Jeremy, met him a few times, he’s a nice bloke, was to me and my kids when we met him. But sometimes he’s an a***. Even his own daughter wasn’t impressed.”

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