Piers Morgan says ‘I’ve become a father again’ as he shows new additions to family



Piers Morgan, 57, who is married to journalist Celia Walden, 47, today welcomed two kittens that he said were “adorable” and just “like their father”. The former GMB presenter called one of the furry creatures “Dennis” after his Arsenal hero Dennis Bergkamp.

The other kitten is still seeking a name, as he first suggested “Thierry” but claimed that he met “resistance” from his family.

Piers shared a photo of the two adorable kittens on his lap while he grinned from ear to ear.

He typed: “BREAKING NEWS: I’ve become a father again. Meet Dennis (named after Bergkamp, obviously) and _____ (still working on ‘Thierry’ but meeting resistance.)

“They’re a Burmese brother and sister, 10 weeks old, and like their father, adorable.” (sic)

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And following Prince Harry’s recent interviews, Piers made it clear he wants his ITV job back.

“Now he’s finally admitted there was no racism, two questions: a) Do I get my old job back? b) Why should we believe a word they say?”

Spencer then tweeted: “Have @itv apologised to @piersmorgan yet?”

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