Stacey Solomon shares toilet wine rack hack and best tip for banishing shower mould



Stacey Solomon has shared a series of new home hacks in her latest episode of Sort Your Life Out on BBC One.

The episode saw the sorter extraordinaire last summer in the weeks before her wedding to now-husband Joe Swash, as she and the team visited the Harris-Hawley family in London.

Childhood sweethearts Dan and Char along with their daughters Mia and Cece said they had realised how much unnecessary clutter they own and so hoped Stacey would be able to transform their home.

The team arrived to take everything out of their rental property and lay each thing out individually in a warehouse, showing the true extent of their belongings crammed into their two-up-two-down cottage in south-west London.

Stacey showed engaged couple Dan and Char they had amassed 437 DVDs, 1,011 toys and 59 hairbrushes.

Stacey Solomon Christmas card
Stacey is known for her home hacks ( staceysolomon/instagram)
husband Joe Swash
Stacey's husband Joe Swash appeared in the episode ( Instagram)

Stacey and the team then got to work on the satisfying task of transforming their home as the family went through their most treasured items, reflecting on the tough times they've come through ahead of their wedding which was just one week away.

Stacey then gave viewers a number of handy storage tips for those living in smaller, cramped homes – including some unusual approaches to desking out your toilet.

When the couple and their two children were finally let back into their revamped home, Stacy took the gobsmacked pair on a tour of the transformed home and eventually came to the toilet.

She said: “The bathroom was jam-packed and run down. With a lick of paint, some serious cleaning and a touch of bespoke carpentry, the bathroom has been given a new lease of life.”

The episode saw the sorter extraordinaire last summer in the weeks before her wedding
The episode saw the sorter extraordinaire in the weeks before her wedding ( ITV)

As Stacey pointed out the changes she and the team had made, she noted a new holder for the family’s towels, to make sure they always had a clean one on hand – before admitting the holder mounted on the wall was in fact a wine rack she had repurposed.

Stacey then added: “There's also another wine rack on the windowsill to hold your toilet rolls,” leaving the couple laughing.

Stacey also noted that there was a glass shower screen in the toilet now, as they are ‘less likely’ to attract mould and mildew compared to shower curtains.

The couple were ultimately left over-the-moon at the transformation to their home, which gave them and their children plenty more space and said had opened up their lives to hosting friends and family for fun afternoons.

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