'Stacey Solomon's BBC tidying show has a problem- which can't be solved by Joe cameos'



Worrying news as the second series of Stacey Solomon’s BBC1 tidying-up show Sort Your Life Out began on Wednesday night.

Stacey was finding it difficult to get rid of one particularly stubborn piece of clutter. Namely, her other half, Joe Swash, whose thirst for showing up on his wife’s programmes shows no sign of diminishing.

This time, however, there was an air of mystery. “I’m going to call Joe,” said Stacey, as her latest house clearout approached its crucial stage.

“He’s working down the road.”

Woah! Back up there, Stace. Joe. Swash. Is. Working. As eyebrow-raisers go, those four words are right up there with “Nadhim Zahawi is doing his taxes” or “Rita Ora actually knows who the people are that she is reading out as guesses on The Masked Singer”

Stacey stepped in to say she disagreed.
She advocated
The second season of Stacey's show Sort Your Life Out began this week ( BBC)

Quite what “work” Joe was doing in South West London on a hot day last summer was never made clear.

Obviously, there was no panto on –and Wikipedia holds no further CV clues.

The fact that Joe turned up in jeans and a plain T-shirt didn’t help either. Although, I suppose he could have left the Mr Whippy uniform in the van.

All we do know is that Joe needn’t have bothered. His great rescue mission involved helping Stacey hang some blackout blinds and, er, that was it.

Joe Swash reunites with Stacey Solomon
Stacey's show gave glimpses into her family life ( Instagram)

And that’s the problem with this show. Once all the clutter has been cleared out there isn’t actually that much to do.

When you combine that with the fact that Stacey already showed us pretty much all of her spacesaving hints in the first series it means, ironically, that the programme has a lot of space to fill. Hence Joe’s unnecessary cameos.

And hence the (intrusive) focus on what is going on in the family’s lives– and minds – that may be contributing to their house

being so utterly cluttery.

Stacey shares her tidying tips in Sort Your Life Out
Stacey shares her tidying tips in Sort Your Life Out ( BBC/Optomen/James Callum)

Now, I’m not denying that psychological matters could lead people to hoard or become overwhelmed by modern life.

However, in general I do think certain other hypotheses should at least be explored by Stacey.

Namely? Kids can be quite messy and some folk can be quite lazy. Which is fine.

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