The Chase team wows Bradley Walsh as they impress with 'highest Final Chase ever'



The Chase's Bradley Walsh was left very impressed as tonight's team secured a huge number in the Final Chase.

All four of the contestants - Marion, Natalie, Tony and David - ended up getting through to the Final Chase and had to wrack up a huge score to stand any chance of beating Anne Hegerty. There was £47,000 at stake and even split between the four of them, it would still be a hefty sum for each of them to take home.

Following Marion's successful individual Chase, The Governess was asked how she thought it would all end for the four teammates as they attempted to outsmart the Chaser and take home the prize fund.

Anne struggled to get to the 23 steps as secured by the team of four
Anne struggled to get to the 23 steps as secured by the team of four ( ITV)

Asked how she thought the final Chase would go, Anne said she thought they'd be fairly speedy at first, before the "wheels came off" towards the end, despite the group having answered 21 questions correctly between them in the previous rounds.

With four of them in the final, it meant they had got a head start by four places, something which they used to their advantage.

Questions from their Final Chase included things like what is used to hit a shuttlecock in badminton, what apple tree flowers were also known as, what word can mean a garden hut or to cry tears and what mode of transport is a felucca.

Bradley was very impressed
Bradley was very impressed ( ITV)

In the end, the group managed an impressive 23 in the Final Chase, and host Bradley Walsh gave his verdict, insisting that there's no time for the Chaser to think with a score like that and thus they needed a couple of push backs and they could do it.

"Regular viewers will know, that's very high," Bradley said, "This is going to be proper close, it's time for the Final Chase."

Anne was then given her chance to 'chase' them towards their impressive score of 23.

The four contestants were thrilled
The four contestants were thrilled ( ITV)

When the time ran out, Anne was at the 18 mark and failed to reach anywhere near the 23, as the team celebrated their incredible win.

"Congratulations, take the £47,000, split it equally and go into the sunset, you've not been caught. Guess what, you've outrun the Chaser. Great performance," Bradley said, before Anne admitted she wasted too much time thinking about the questions.

Bradley concluded: "A proper score, a real target. 23 that's the target. If you can come on, you can hit 23, you're good enough."

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