The Last Leg viewers ‘turn off’ as they ‘give up’ on ‘boring and slow’ show



The Last Leg returned to Channel 4 to see in the New Year and guests included Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Rylan and Ellie Simmonds. Presenters Adam Hills, Alex Brooker and Josh Widdicombe all hoped to entertain viewers for two hours. However, viewers ended up switching off half-way through after saying the show was “not funny anymore”.

The Last Leg of the Year featured plenty of celeb guests including comedians Desiree Burch and Mike Wozniak.

The guests and presenters talked through their 2022 highlights, whilst enjoying a singalong and some creative cocktails.

They took part in a Neighbours sketch to commemorate the Australian soap being saved and recognised some of the greatest sporting events from this year.

While some viewers enjoyed the jokes and the guests, many found it “boring” and “slow”.

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Many viewers were distracted by singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s appearance as they claimed she “hasn’t aged”.

The star sang snippets from various hits throughout the show and viewers were blown away by her efforts in the Neighbours sketch.

The guests were asked to put on an Australian accent, with fans saying she blew the others out of the water.

Other highlights from the episode include comedian Mike dancing to Louis Theroux’s viral song, Jiggle Jiggle.

The hosts and guests also spoke to John McFall, a Paralympian who is the first disabled astronaut to go into space.

Host Alex took part in a space cadet experience, during which he was sick after being spun around in different directions on a simulator.

The sketch series first launched in 2012, alongside the Summer Paralympics and it featured a mix of comedy, celebrity guests and Paralympics highlights.

It initially received positive reviews, pulling in more than a million viewers each night when the Paralympics was airing.

The Last Leg of the Year is available to watch on All4.