The Masked Singer's Knitting 'confirmed' as top singer after fans recognise voice



Knitting has been 'confirmed' as a huge UK popstar after fans recognised her voice on The Masked Singer.

The ITV1 show returned for its latest instalment this evening, with fans now convinced they know exactly who is behind the Knitting mask after a string of clues. Now fans of the pop band are sure it must be her after hearing her belt out Memory in the sing-off.

She ended up staying in the competition and keeping her mask on, as Cat and Mouse left the four panellists and host Joel Dommett stunned when they were unmasked as Martin and Shirlie Kemp in this evening's show.

Who's behind the mask?
Who's behind the mask? ( ITV)

One wrote: "Knitting is soo @_ClaireRichards hints to many @OfficialSteps songs dancing with a broken heart scared of the dark 5678 100% it’s Claire #maskedsingeruk," as another added: "Knitting is 110% Claire Richards from Steps. You better SING, girl!"

"Knitting is definitely Claire from Steps. I recognise that voice from anywhere. #MaskedSingerUK @MaskedSingerUK," a third shared, with a fourth writing: "I’ve cracked’s @_ClaireRichards from Steps! You can’t fool us Claire."

A fifth penned: "Claire from Steps legit Claire-from-Step’d all over that chorus HOW DO YOU NOT HEAR IT #MaskedSingerUK."

Knitting has been wowing with their singing voice
Knitting has been wowing with their singing voice ( ITV)

Knitting has had everyone guessing - with some convinced they know who's behind the mask. Initially, viewers have been convinced it could be Steps star Claire Richards behind the mask whilst others think its her bandmate Faye Tozer.

In the first week of the show, Knitting ended up in the bottom three with their performance of Remember by Becky Hill. However, with Chris Kamara as Ghost heading home, they lived to sing another song.

In the first clue package, they hinted they could be a morning tv star. "A great big warm hello and cuddle! I'm Knitting! I'm made of wool, that means I'm warm, comforting, and cosy. You can use me to make something to wrap around you to keep you warm."

Fans think Claire could be behind the mask
Fans think Claire could be behind the mask ( Mike Marsland/WireImage)

"Hold me in your arms to bring comfort. Or just go wild and let your imagination fly. I'll try to present myself fairly and promise not to string you along in this competition. But I won't lie. Sometimes you'll find I can be a little crafty."

Their riddle referenced the number 26, which some of the panellists thought could be to do with Steps - given its their anniversary this year and that 5, 6, 7 and 8 add up to 26, whilst others thought it could be to do with the marathon.

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