The Repair Shop’s Dominic Chinea ‘pushes makers out of comfort zone’ in new series



The Repair Shop expert Dominic Chinea is presenting a brand-new BBC series called Make it at Market. The series challenges craftspeople to see if they have the skills to make a profitable business from their hobbies. Dominic spoke to about what viewers can expect from his latest venture.

The series is set in the stunning grounds of an Arts and Crafts house in Leicestershire.

A group of aspiring amateur craftspeople will attempt to turn their garden shed hobbies into real money-makers.

Viewers will see blacksmiths, weavers, woodworkers, glassblowers and upcyclers get teamed up with an expert mentor to provide practical making tips.

Each amateur will take on three challenges designed to assess their skill and money-making potential.

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The high-volume challenge sees if the makers can produce saleable items quickly and cheaply.

Meanwhile, the high-end challenge explores their potential to sell at the top end of the market.

Finally, the favourite piece challenge reminds the makers what they love about the craft.

Dominic said: “One of the biggest challenges the makers faced was making a business from what they do.

“All of the makers were hugely talented and their creations were a real labour of love, but we pushed them out of their comfort zone to try and turn that into a successful business.

The expert was excited to see the different crafts showcased and hopes it will inspire viewers.

He said: “I’m most excited for people to watch the makers develop and progress over the programme.

“And to see how the hard work they put in genuinely has changed their lives in quite inspirational ways.”

Rachel Platt, commissioner for BBC Daytime said: “Make it at Market reveals the extraordinary skills that, with a helping hand, people can use to change the course of their lives.”

Make it at Market airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Tuesday, January 3 at 4.30pm.