The Rig fans distracted as they slam star’s ‘terrible’ accent in Amazon thriller



Twitter user @SiMacKWorkshop wrote: “Iain Glen, Scottish actor, having to put on a Scottish accent for his role in the new Amazon thing. Lol.”

@DanDann76627081 asked: “How can a Scottish actor like Iain Glen have such a terrible Scottish accent? That’s the biggest mystery on this show.”

@DoogidGolf fumed: “Iain Glen, good grief, how can a guy from Edinburgh sound like an American trying to do a Scottish accent?”

“Taxi driver talking about #TheRig this morning, complaining about Ian Glen’s Scottish accent. Didn’t know he was actually Scottish,” @sabele26 said.

And @Antihippy tweeted: “Did everyone working on #TheRig take ‘extra accent’ pills or something?

“Were the Scots slipped a double dose? Quite something.” – ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress