Tom Verlaine dead: Television musician dies at 73 as ex Patti Smith’s daughter shares news



Punk guitarist Tom Verlaine’s death at the age of 73 was announced by the daughter of his ex Patti Smith, 76. Jesse Paris Smith paid tribute to the musician on her Instagram on Saturday.

She emotionally wrote: “Dearest Tom. The love is immense and forever. My heart is too intensely full to share everything now, and finding the words is too deep of a struggle.

“The feeling is inside is so heavy, though your spirit is light and lifted, it is everywhere, completely and truly free.

“I love you always and forever, and will always remember and hold close the touch of your hand – hands of a beautiful creator and of a love more warm, tender, delicate, and true that one can ever dream.

“There has never been another like you and there never will be. What a blessing and gift I was given to share my time on earth with you.

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