Who is Pigeon in The Masked Singer? 3 clues you missed



The second lot of six contestants took to the stage at the weekend for episode two of The Masked Singer season four. Among those performing was Pigeon, a supposed older lady who put smiles on the judges’ and live audience’s faces with her rendition of No Scrubs by TLC. Express.co.uk has all there is to know regarding the first of many clues for Pigeon.

Who is Pigeon in The Masked Singer?

Unafraid to speak her mind

When Pigeon is first introduced, she told viewers that she is an “old bird”, something judges believed almost instantly wasn’t the case going by her demeanour.

Talking in an Essex accent, walking around London, Pigeon continues to talk of how she hasn’t always seen eye to eye with others.

She explained: “Even though I may have ruffled a few feathers in my time, personally I’m unflappable so I’m good at being able to ask the tougher questions.”

One guess which has been making the rounds is none other than fiery former Towie star Gemma Collins.

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Artistic riddle

Following her performance, Pigeon gave her riddle which left many fans even more confused.

She said: “I’m an old pigeon mama and I’ve such a warm heart.

“Let me share some of my wisdom, life imitates art.”

@andrewmitchell theorised: “Life imitates art… art at the Tate gallery perhaps @Catherine_Tate_ #Pigeon #TheMaskedSinger”.

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