BBC viewers demand apology for ‘irresponsible speculation’ over missing Nicola Bulley



Nicola Bulley disappeared 11 days ago while walking her dog near the River Wyre in Lancashire. Her mobile phone was discovered on a bench, police officers believe the 45-year-old may have fallen into the river. Peter Faulding, a forensic expert joined BBC Breakfast hosts Sally Nugent and Jon Kay from St Michael’s on Wyre to provide his hypothesis on what has happened to the missing mum.

Currently, divers are searching the river with a private underwater rescue team being bought in to help with the case.

Specialist Group International is working closely with the police with forensic expert Peter leading the team.

He explained the team searched a separate area of the river to where Nicola first went missing on Monday. 

On Tuesday, February 7, they planned to look upstream at the area where her mobile phone was found.

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Peter explained: “That was thoroughly searched on the day by police divers when Nicola went in and these are very professional divers and they never found anything.

“That’s the odd thing about this, that’s what I can’t get my head around, it’s very strange.”

The forensic team will go back over the area with specialist equipment but will be covering the whole stretch of the river.

Sally questioned: “I know you’ve spoken before about a gut instinct which I guess comes with lots of experience in this type of work, what’s your gut telling you today?”

Peter added in his experience with drowning, the body is usually found where they go into the water.

He commented: “The police divers acted immediately that day, they put an underwater search team in at the area of the bench and searched it thoroughly.

“I would’ve expected Nicola to be in the water right in front of the bench, she wouldn’t have moved, she would’ve moved two or three feet, bodies don’t float.

“Once they go to the bottom they stay on the bottom for seven or eight days until they start to decompose and then they float to the surface.

“This is so strange and in my 20-odd years of experience doing this, I’ve worked on hundreds of cases, I’ve never seen something so unusual.”

After hearing the interview many BBC Breakfast viewers demanded an apology due to the insensitive line of questioning.

Posting on Twitter, Alfrikr_ wrote: “What is #bbcbreakfast doing with their line of questioning in the Nicola Bulley case and the person involved in searching for her … it’s macabre speculation.”

Suzhou60 slammed: “What are your presenters thinking ffs  #bbcbreakfast Police don’t need some gobs***e speculating. Make them apologise!!!”

Penno350 added: “Jesus!!!! That was awful, shame on you,” as Sdoddsy commented: “Totally irresponsible speculation regarding Nicola Bulley on #BBCBreakfast. Exactly what the police appealed for people NOT to do.”

Pelliott45 said: “What’s your gut telling you? What a ridiculous question,” while Tiinaligema added: “He should not be discussing it at all . Totally unprofessional and ghoulish.”

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