BBC's Better ending explained as fans finally find out what happened to Lou and Col



Fans who have been gripped by BBC crime thriller Better finally get to find out what happened tonight.

We have been following DI Lou Slack and Col McHugh (Andrew Buchan) as they battle "the complex and powerful bonds of loyalty and family".

Writers Jonathan Brackley and Sam Vincent have treated us to a gritty five-parter - and all is about to be revealed.

We were told that things "swiftly escalate to a place of high drama" and "not everybody makes it out alive this season" - but we're about to discover who did survive and who didn't.

The series has been described as a tale of redemption and human conscience, and things get dark.

Leila Farzad as Lou and Andrew Buchan as Col in BBC show Better
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Heading into the finale, we wait to see if Lou will actually bring down Col - the man she's come to love after making a life-changing deal with him.

We see the episode open with Vernon - played by Anton Lesser - taking the fall for the death of Bulgey (Garry Cooper) after shooting him dead.

Then it's about Esther (Olivia Nakintu) who found out about Lou's corruption. Lou visits her home and things get tense.

We see then pair put together a plan to get rid of Col's £80,000 as Lou, on a mission to turn her out-of-control life around, then makes some calls.

We then see Noel go into Vernon's cell and stab him but as he is putting the knife it, he tells him he's sorry.

The finale is a thriller as questions are answered ( BBC/Sister Pictures)

This, of course, now means that Noel will now be serving a much longer sentence - but has remained loyal.

But Lou doesn't take the news well and she breaks down.

After attending Vernon's funeral, and handed his personal belongings, she then visits her mother who offers some home truths.

Lou then tells Ceri and Owen, played by Zak Ford-Williams, of her plot to confront Col.

She then retrieves a gun she's hidden and armed she sets off to meet Col, persuading him to meet her by explaining that she has a suicide letter from his daughter Aoife.

But it quickly becomes clear she is lying to him.

The crime showstopper ends on a huge cliffhanger ( BBC/Sister Pictures/Vishal Sharma)

She did leave him a letter, but it simply said "f**k you" to Col.

"Come in with me tonight, let's go together and tell them everything," she said.

"Everything we've done, what have we got to show for it, Col? We both want it to end, we both know we have to pay, there is no way out. I know... this is exactly what we're looking for."

To everyone's surprise, Col agrees.

They walk up to the police station ready to confess all but the front desk in empty.

The pair wait around but the thinking time is not helpful.

In the final second of the finale the door opens - and it's a classic cliffhanger as we don't know who is there to greet them.

Better continues tonight on BBC One

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