Below Deck crew member shares key aspect of look stars are never allowed to change



Below Deck season 10 is airing every Monday night on Bravo with a new crew sailing around the Caribbean under the watchful eye of Captain Lee, followed by Captain Sandy Yawn. The hit reality show takes place on the stunning award-nominated St David yacht with the team tasked with tending to their guests’ every needs while on board. While the show is never without drama and unpredictable moments, a lot of planning goes into the stars’ looks behind the scenes.

Hair and makeup stylist Natalie Castillo has worked on the stars of Below Deck, Below Deck Mediterranean, as well as the most recent spin-off Below Deck Adventure.

Her job is to ensure the cast are camera ready throughout the series while keeping their appearances “natural” as they are working and often rushing to get everything ready.

It has previously been reported that filming for the reality series is constant with cameras on pretty much 24/7 to capture every hint of drama.

Because of this, Castillo says it is vital to the show that the cast’s hairstyles are the same throughout and so must all choose and stick to them for the entirety of the series.

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Opening up to CheatSheet, Castillo explained: “For example, with Rocky [Dakota from Below Deck Season 3] and her curly hair.

“She picked that. I let the cast pick what they want their look to be for the rest of the season.

“And I tell them in the beginning if you want to wear your hair straight, it has to be straight for the rest of the season.”

Castillo recalled Below Deck season two and three stew Amy Johnson wanting “big Texas hair” in her confessionals which they had to stick to throughout.

Captain Sandy seems to have it in for the interior team, scrutinising their every move, including fan-favourite Fraser Olender.

After telling the deck crew over the walkie that they were the “dream team”, she radios Fraser, questioning his departure methods for everyone to hear.

But he wasn’t having any of it and chose to find Sandy to have a conversation with her, clarifying his routine and assuring her that he has the guests’ best interests in mind.

The tension between the pair didn’t stop there as she was later seen having a go at his team of stewardesses. – ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress