Clarkson Farm fans left outraged at ‘ridiculous’ use of taxpayers’ money in new series



Following the success of the Amazon Prime show’s debut back in 2021, viewers have been anticipating a second series to catch up with the former Top Gear host and his farmer friend Kaleb Cooper. Although the latest instalment of Clarkson’s Farm was recently released, fans have slammed what taxpayers appear to be spending their money on in the farming world.

On February 10, thousands of people took to Amazon Prime to binge the eight episodes of the second season of Clarkson’s Farm.

The entertaining series continues to follow 62-year-old Jeremy Clarkson as he attempts to run his own farm in the Cotswolds along with the help of fan favourite Kaleb.

Although the show highlights the trials and tribulations people in the agricultural industry face, many viewers were left fuming in the fourth episode.

In the instalment, Jeremey discovers that an artificial insemination project which he hoped would get his cows pregnant, had failed.

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Adding to his problems, he quickly learns about an outbreak of bovine tuberculosis outbreak in the UK, which is mainly caused by badgers.

In the show, veterinary expert Dilwyn Evans explains that although the disease can be spread by other animals such as deer and foxes, landowners aren’t able to cull badgers.

The law changed in the 1980s to stop badger baiting which protects them from harm.

Hearing how the protection is causing issues for farmers, many viewers flocked to social media to slam how taxpayers’ money is being spent.

Twitter user @Lawrieliz slammed: “Watching Clarkson’s Farm is so frustrating. It demonstrates what nonsense this country is. Watching badgers spread TB and wipe out farmers because they were protected in the 80s to stop badger baiting which no longer exists is ridiculous. A country of pointless red tape.”

And @Cowin_alex added: “All I’ve figured out from Clarkson’s Farm 2 so far is that badgers are costing taxpayers over 100 million and costing farmers their livelihood.”

Elsewhere, @Scotlandgundogs commented: “I started watching Clarkson’s Farm 2 last night I was shocked that the taxpayer is paying over 150 million to compensate for the bovine tb problem.”

Meanwhile, @BazaritoDorito asked: “Why can’t farmers kill badgers when badgers are killing their cows? #clarksonsfarm2”


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@Cave323 fumed: “#clarksonsfarm2 Badgers! I am not against them but as it stands they pose a danger to many dairy farms. However the Gov’t have let us down again, we don’t need to cull the, as ZSL has shown, we need to innoculate them! If the Gov’t funded a REAL program it would be dealt with.”

And Twitter user DomTrice27 weighed in: “If there’s one thing I hate more than politicians. It’s now also badgers. British farms are on their knees! And need all the support they can get.”

Another issue viewers were unimpressed with was the ongoing battles Jeremy was facing with West Oxfordshire District Council.

In the second season, the farmer went head-to-head with them after making the decision to open his own restaurant. – ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress