Coronation Street couple torn apart as star speaks out on ‘betrayal’



Coronation Street's Aaron and Summer Spellman's relationship has been plagued with problems but James Craven, who plays the mechanic, has revealed his character's behaviour will cross a line he won't be able to return from.

ITV soap star James has opened up on being at the centre of a non-consensual sex with a storyline involving himself and Amy Barlow ( Elle Mulvaney ).

The actor explained how Amy and Aaron's close friendship will lead to the mechanic seeking comfort with the Barlow daughter after a row with Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby).

Aaron's actions will result in heartbreaking consequences for Amy as she struggles with her emotions when she realises she wasn't able to consent to sex.

Amy and Aaron find themselves kissing after enjoying a few drinks and getting ready together ( ITV)

Speaking about the lead-up to the fateful night, James told the Mirror: "It goes without saying Aaron and Summer had a lot of problems in their relationship in the past some of them that have been out of their control out.

"He's always stuck with her no matter what and tried to help her through everything. But I think this time he feels his real sense of betrayal because whilst he knows that he's done something wrong, he tries to make amends for it and she just pushes him away.

"So I think this time he's lost and thinks, 'What's the point in any of it?' and to contrast with that he's been promoted as the garage, which is a huge thing for him, but it's bittersweet and he doesn't really know how to feel about it."

Amy and Aaron will be at the centre of a non-consensual sex storyline
Amy and Aaron will be at the centre of a non-consensual sex storyline ( ITV)

"He decides to celebrate that and decides to be happy about that and then also you've got to remember that him and Amy have had all of this time together in the flat, obviously Ryan has been there but mainly it's just been them," he continued.

"They've had all this time that we haven't seen on the screen for them to grow closer to one another and to really learn to care for each other and to laugh with one another and for their friendship to become stronger."

Official spoilers confirm Aaron and Amy find themselves kissing as they enjoy a few drinks while getting ready.

James added: "I think they've really learned to rely on each other so in that moment, all of these emotions take hold and they don't even think about it and they just end up kissing.

"They can feel that electricity and that tension beforehand, but they just do it without any thought."

Coronation Street researchers have worked alongside The Schools Consent Project, a charity established in early 2015 which sends legally trained volunteers into schools to deliver workshops on the legal definition of sexual consent and key sexual offences.

If you've been the victim of sexual assault, you can access help and resources via or calling the national telephone helpline on 0808 802 9999.

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