Coronation Street fans point out major flaw in storyline as Stephen drugs Carla



Stephen Reid drugged Carla in horror scenes on Coronation Street tonight as fans pointed out an error.

The serial killer is only getting worse, having already murdered Leo Thompkins and his father Teddy in two separate incidents. Leo was pushed off the balcony near the Underworld factory, whilst Teddy was killed in the office with a hole punch.

At it seems like Stephen is up to his usual tricks again, as he drugged Carla Connor tonight in horror scenes, keen to take over the factory from her and convince those around her that she is suffering from psychosis once more.

Stephen drugged Carla
Stephen drugged Carla ( ITV)

In scenes airing this evening, Carla called a meeting with Sarah and Stephen and confirmed his worst fears. Sarah was given the Head of Design title, whilst Stephen was given the role of Office Manager.

Out for revenge and well aware of Carla's previous battle with psychosis, Stephen slips a vial of LSD into Carla's coffee. After unknowingly taking it, she seems disconcerted and woozy, but Stephen's plan was not quite done there.

He heads to The Rovers and spikes her red wine with more LSD.

He wants control of Underworld
He wants control of Underworld

Her behaviour sparks concern amongst everyone and Peter is clearly worried when he shows up at The Rovers. Panicked for his partner, Peter rushes her home, sure that her psychosis has come back.

Carla's paranoia is only growing by the second, before Stephen continues with his plan and heads to the office, deleting her meeting with Dick Haversham and muddling up her paperwork to make it seem like she's struggling.

However, eagle-eyed fans of the ITV soap have spotted an error in the storyline.

"No but why has no one questioned why Stephen immediately jumps to psychosis after she has one-off afternoon? Right after talking about with Sarah and after she’s annoyed him? #corrie," one wrote, as a second added: "Given that Sarah has been having the exact conversation about Carla’s psychosis with Stephen, why can’t they work it out? Co-incidence right #corrie."

Carla unknowingly drank the tea laced with LSD
Carla unknowingly drank the tea laced with LSD ( ITV)

A third shared: "The fact that one ever suspects Stephen or thinks he’s weird or dodgy beggars belief #Corrie."

Actor Todd Boyce - who plays Stephen - is a bit concerned about what viewers of the soap will think about the new plot.

He said: "I am not sure. She is a very popular character. Up until now, he has targeted people who are relatively new characters that people haven't really got to know but this is different.

"Chris Gascoyne [Peter Barlow] has been so lovely about it, he said, 'Oh mate you have no idea what you are in for when this starts.'"

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