Coronation Street’s Daisy Midgeley suffers breakdown as stalker turns violent



“But it’s not. You are grieving, you’re confused. Look, whatever is happening here I am sure you don’t want any harm to come to Daisy or for anyone else to get in trouble.

“You need to understand that it needs to stop, for Daisy’s sake and for your sake. Trust me, this is not healthy.”

Justin leant forward and replied: “Of course, I don’t. I won’t see her again, I can see the pain that it is causing and I don’t want that for her.

“Thanks for taking the time to talk with me. It’s good to know someone understands.”

However, getting the wrong idea, Justin tells Daisy that he’s prepared to back off to give her time to break the news to Daniel that she doesn’t love him any more.

How will Daisy cope as Justin becomes more intense?

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