Coronation Street’s Peter fears for Carla as mental health spirals at hands of Stephen



Coronation Street boss Iain McLeod previously touched on Carla and Peter’s relationship becoming fragile after he begins to think she is slipping back into her psychosis.

He explained to and other press: “Principally, their story will centre on her war with Stephen and Peter’s role in that is essentially being deeply concerned about his wife’s history of mental health problems.

“He will put her offside by trying to be overly protective of a few situations and try to fight some of her battles for her, try to intervene in an unhelpful way to suggest that her priorities are all wrong.

“And what we’re trying to do with that couple actually is just play them as a couple that bickers and fall out and you know, you’ve seen his stuff recently about them falling out over his conspiracy-mindedness.

“So we’re just trying to dramatize some of the tensions that exist in all couple of different political views and things like that.

“So yeah, they are bubbling along nicely, but it’s kind of in readiness for this story later on when Carla suddenly finds herself thrust into Stephen’s crosshairs in a certain amount of danger as a result of that.”

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