Countryfile fans fume ‘doesn’t sit well with me’ over ‘cruel’ Adam Henson lambing segment



#countryfile the poor lambs stay with their mums for only 24 hours then taken away. What a s****y life, just like calves for veal. No wonder all the kids are turning to being vegetarian,” @gala_borders tweeted. (sic)

While @EmBeck2015 added: “Lambs removed from their mothers at days old and then given powdered milk for someone to make money is awful – they are sentient beings! #countryfile Give me oat milk any day.”

“#countryfile Just can’t agree with the treatment of lambs on there just now. So very cruel for the mothers and wee lambs..”@WildlifeDefend1 pointed out.

Meanwhile, some viewers praised the show for highlighting the fishing industry, with Amanda Craig tweeting: “Good to see @BBCCountryfile featuring the ghastly devastation of crabs in the North East. The pollution of the River Tees a likely culprit.” (sic)

Steve Sturgess added: “This episode is so much more interesting than the usual bland topics. A refreshing change. Well done.”

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