EastEnders' Martin Fowler actor James Bye departs Walford amid Lily's pregnancy



EastEnders has aired a temporary exit for James Bye's character Martin Fowler amid Lily's pregnancy storyline.

At the end of tonight's episode of the BBC soap, Martin - who is played by James - was seen departing Albert Square for a few weeks as he heads on a job in Turkey after vowing to earn some more money, and quickly, for his pregnant daughter Lily.

Lily Slater found out she was pregnant at the start of the year, after she collapsed at a New Years Eve party and taken to hospital. Her mother Stacey was left horrified when she found out her daughter, 12, was pregnant and it was later revealed that Ricky Jr is the dad.

Martin agonised over the decision
Martin agonised over the decision ( BBC)

The family had been unsure what to do next, but it was eventually decided that Lily wanted to keep the baby, rather than go for an abortion, which Martin was keen on her doing as he feared for her future.

During tonight's episode, Martin was chatting to Zack about the prospect of heading abroad for the job and what Stacey might think about his decision. However, Zack wasn't really listening as he was struggling with his own feelings.

He wasn't sure what to do
He wasn't sure what to do ( BBC)

"Ray's just got back to me, my builder mate, so a job's come in and it's good money - really good money," he said.

"The only fly in the ointment, and it's a dirty bluebottle, is that it's in Turkey. And when I start, they're going to want me for three weeks and they won't give me any time off. It's one of Ray's mates, wants his villa doing pronto."

He admitted he hadn't spoken to Stacey but was still thinking what he could do.

At the end of the episode, he was seen with a suitcase, confirming his temporary exit
At the end of the episode, he was seen with a suitcase, confirming his temporary exit ( BBC)

"What's to think about it, you'll be doing it for Lily," Sharon reassured him as he felt conflicted by his decision to not be with Lily and Stacey at the time, "And you won't be gone for too long. Nothing's going to happen for months yet."

Later, as Lola wondered who had given her an anonymous £1000 donation, she asked Martin if he'd seen who it might be. Martin could be seen lugging a suitcase behind him and heading into a taxi, confirming he would be departing the show for a period of time.

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