EastEnders tease exit for Lily Slater as Ryan gives her a big decision to make



EastEnders have teased a huge exit for Lily Slater, as Ryan gave her a big decision to make tonight.

Her biological father Ryan is back on the Square now, having found out about his daughter's pregnancy. 12-year-old Lily is expecting a baby with Ricky Jr. and the pair are both keen to continue on with the pregnancy and birth.

However, as she saw a scan of her little one, Ryan caught up with her and asked her whether she'd consider moving up north to Wakefield and live with him and his new family. Lily was naturally apprehensive but seems to be seriously considering it.

Lily has a big decision to make
Lily has a big decision to make ( BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

In scenes aired on tonight's episode, as she entered the café, Lily went to order a drink - and with only a few coins in her hands, she asked for a plain small hot chocolate before dad Ryan stepped in and offered to pay for her. He told the lady to get her the biggest and best hot chocolate, before they sat down together to chat about everything that had happened since his arrival.

"It's gonna be a lot for mum isn't it, another baby. She does everything for me. After school clubs, all my meals, the dentist - things I don't even think about," Lily said, before Ryan insisted as a mum that was what she was meant to do.

Will she go with Ryan?
Will she go with Ryan? ( BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Ryan then took the moment to pose a thought to Lily, which had her unsure what to do next. He said: "She has got a lot on her plate what with you, the other kids, a house full of strangers. You could always come to stay with me in Wakefield, I'd have to talk to mum and some grown ups to sort it all out. We'd love to have another girl around the house, with me and the dog."

As he explained why he was absent for a number of years, he promised her that she was "his girl" and he has always been keen for her to at least come and visit them up north. Ryan explained that he felt it was best for her to be with her mum when he came out of prison, but that Helen was keen for her to visit more often and maybe even move there.

Lily was stunned to find out she was pregnant
Lily was stunned to find out she was pregnant ( BBC)

"When I came out of prison, I thought it was best you stay with your mum. But now, you and the baby, you could have your own bedrooms. We could think about getting you back into school and uni, if that's what you wanted," he said, "Why don't you have a think about it - and think what's best for you and giving your mum a break too."

Lily looked concerned as he told her being a parent was always about putting the kid first. She stared at her baby scan, pondering what to do next as the big decision loomed over her. What will Lily do next, and is she set to head for pastures new?

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