Emmerdale fans spot telling clue Cain has already rumbled Caleb's secret



Emmerdale fans are convinced Cain has already rumbled his 'brother' Caleb's secret.

Caleb Dingle - played by Will Ash - showed up in the village on Christmas Day, fuming at his brother Cain Dingle for not telling him about their mother Faith's recent death. Caleb believed Faith had died years ago, which is what Cain had told him.

However, fans have been suspicious of Caleb's true identity or what he might be hiding, as they're convinced all is not what it seems with him. Bosses of the ITV soap have confirmed he has something to hide - but say he's not an undercover cop.

Caleb has a secret
Caleb has a secret ( ITV)

In last night's episode, Cain appeared to be looking out for Caleb - after he had another run-in with Will over his new partnership with Kim Tate. However, fans are convinced Cain knows what Caleb's hiding and is just biding his time.

"Nah Cain knows he's up to something. Just waiting on Caleb to trip up," one wrote, as a second added on social media: "There is no way Caleb is going to get one over on Cain... Cain is just biding his time."

A third shared: "Cain’s playing him at his own game, one thing Cain isn’t and that’s gullible."

Fans are convinced Cain knows something
Fans are convinced Cain knows something ( ITV)

"Cain has already worked him out," a fourth penned, with a fifth writing: "Not sure Cain is looking out for his little brother. I think this is all part of his plan. Caleb gets on my last nerve. He’s everywhere. Does he do any work?"

A sixth added: "Cain... Has to be playing cool... He knows !!! And did Zach ever find that photo album, mentioned at Christmas????"

The soap's boss Jane Hudson previously revealed that there's a big secret Caleb is harbouring.

The brothers seem to be getting on ok for now
The brothers seem to be getting on ok for now

"I can tell you he’s not an undercover cop. There is a secret about Caleb and viewers have not yet guessed it. I've been reading all the theories about who he is like not that one, not that one," she shared.

Caleb sparked questions about his true identity and motives after he made a cryptic phone call to a mystery character, and he mentioned he was reeling someone in to take something from them.

He said: "We’re finally making headway. We keep reeling him in until we get exactly what we want," before the next episode saw the mystery person contact him again, asking for an update on what he was doing.

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