Emmerdale fans 'work out' Will Taylor will die as Caleb's link to DI Malone 'exposed'



Emmerdale fans have 'worked out' a twist, which will see Will Taylor die and Caleb's link to DI Malone exposed.

There has been much discussion on who Caleb might be - as some fans are convinced he isn't really Cain's brother as he says he is. Caleb arrived at the village on Christmas Day, visiting Cain in prison, where he was being held accused of Al Chapman's murder.

Since then, Cain is out of prison and the Dingle family are hopeful Kyle - who pulled the trigger on Al - will be able to serve any sentence in the community as Caleb has hired some hotshot lawyers to help him out.

Caleb's identity has remained a mystery
Caleb's identity has remained a mystery

Whilst he is waiting for news from the prosecution service, they have insisted Cain should not meet up with Kyle. Amy, his mother, is keen to keep this the case - but Cain wants to bend the rules and see his son.

It leads to a confrontation between Will and Cain during last night's episode, with the ramifications only set to continue.

As Cain spotted Kyle playing with Lucas at the park, whilst Will watched on, he went over to say hello but was quickly shut down by Will, who said Amy had warned him that Cain needed to be kept away from his son for now.

Cain has been trying to see Kyle
Cain has been trying to see Kyle ( ITV)

On seeing his dad, Kyle ran up to Cain and asked if he was joining them at the café before Will interjected to say: "No, he can't he's not allowed. Amy asked me to look after him." However, Cain took issue with this and soon there was a strong exchange of words.

"I didn't realise you were a legal expert," Cain shouted, before adding: "My bail conditions are about my statement being used in Kyle's defence, it's hardly dangerous for me to take him for an orange juice."

Will quickly fired back: "You're just like your brother, aren't you? You don't think the rules apply to you. Well the law is the law, so I am going to make sure you stick to it, so back off," before Amy arrived and fumed at Cain for what he said.

Could Will die?
Could Will die? ( ITV)

Now some fans of the ITV soap are convinced Caleb is somehow connected to DI Malone, who was killed by Will's daughter Dawn after he threatened her, whilst the late Harriet Finch watched on.

One Twitter used wrote: "I'm now wondering if Caleb has something to do with or a connection to the missing (now deceased) DI Malone - Cain initially had some dodgy dealings with Malone when he first appeared in the village…# emmerdale."

"I think Caleb is DI Malone's brother who Dawn Taylor murder not Cain Dingle's brother and wait and see first," a second penned, whilst a third wrote: "If it's connected to Joe, then Debbie needs to return ... Maybe Caleb is looking for Malone."

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