Emmerdale's B&B undergoes extremely dramatic transformation under new owners



Emmerdale’s stuffy old B&B has been sexed up by new owners Bernice Blackstock and Bob Hope – complete with a swanky, aspirational interior design and a swinging pineapple theme.

It’s out with previous owner Eric Pollard’s classic countryside look and in with a neutral colour scheme, scented candles, crystal lights and a courtyard area with a glass canopy.

It even boasts a new cocktail bar – and a handsome harpist for the opening night.

Needless to say, Bernice has had a lot more influence over all of this than poor old Bob...but what about that fruity theme?

Actress Samantha Giles, 51, who plays Bernice in the ITV soap, says: “The B&B has got a lot of pineapples – you know what means.”

Tony Audenshaw, 58, who plays her business partner Bob, adds: “It signifies swinging!”

Emmerdale’s stuffy old B&B has been sexed up
Emmerdale’s stuffy old B&B has been sexed up ( DAILY MIRROR)

The production team certainly had great fun refurbishing the set. Emmerdale ’s head of design Gilly Slight says: “When we knew that Bernice was taking over the B&B, it was a gift.

“Bernice’s character gave us the opportunity to completely change the look of the B&B from Pollard’s traditional country hunting lodge feel, with leather Chesterfield sofas, antique lamps and plaid cushions, lots of browns and tans, which gave a masculine atmosphere to the set.

“The new design reflects Bernice’s personality – glamorous, feminine, and aspirational.

“We’ve also created a gin/cocktail bar which has the feel of a luxury boutique hotel. It’s true to say, the new design is all Bernice and none of Bob.”

The new design reflect's Bernice's personality ( DAILY MIRROR)
There's also a cocktail bar in the B&B ( DAILY MIRROR)

Chiming with the glamorous new look are the tributes to some of the famous showbiz sons and daughters of Yorkshire.

Giving the Mirror a sneak preview of the new-look B&B, Samantha says: “Our suites are named after famous Yorkshire people. We’ve got a Dame Judi Dench suite as well as one named after Jane McDonald.

“It’s very bourgeois chic and we have had fun thinking up other Yorkshire people we could name the suites after, like Michael Parkinson, Kiki Dee and Mel B.”

The suites are named after famous Yorkshire people
The suites are named after famous Yorkshire people ( DAILY MIRROR)

It opens up the possibility of possible cameo appearances from special guests – and possibly not all Yorkshire-born ones.

“We would love Cliff Richard to come in,” says Samantha.

However, when the proud new owners throw the doors open to the public, not everything goes to plan. Tony says: “We find out Bernice has been sleeping with the rather gorgeous harpist they’ve hired. But when the harpist doesn’t appear, Bob goes to the room to check up on him and finds him dead.”

Not everything goes to plan when the B&B opens its doors ( DAILY MIRROR)

Going on to describe what type of owners Bernice and Bob will be, Tony adds: “Bernice will tell Bob what to do.

“He will grumble about it, but he’ll do it.”

As for whether the actors think their characters will become romantically involved, it’s a resounding no.

“As soon as you put any romantic things into the mix, it can spoil things,” says Sam.

“At the moment, it is better to leave it as it is because where do you go once you’ve gone down that road?”

  • Emmerdale is on ITV on weekdays at 7.30pm.

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