Four in a Bed hotel owner tells guests ‘on your bike’ amid fury over ’embarrassing’ review



Thursday night of Channel 4’s Four in a Bed saw the final daythe competition where it was time for the owners to find out how much their guests had paid in total. Although when the Taypark House owners were getting their feedback, things got heated.

Hosts Glenn and William were the final pair to welcome the guests into their Dundee property during last week’s competition.

Although they managed to wow their rivals with the old-school grandeur of the building, it was the neighbouring airport that caused some issues for Andrew and Chris

When it came to sleep, the father and son duo had problems with the towel rail which made noises in the night along with the early wake-up call from the planes outside their window.

Meeting all together for the last time, it was a chance for each B&B owner to learn how much they had been paid by their guests in comparison to the original asking price.

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Andrew and Chris’ room was priced at £225 per night, although they decided to knock off £50 and thought the accommodation they stayed in was only worth £175.

Giving his reasonings, Chris explained: “We felt that around a 20 per cent reduction would be fair to compensate us for the disturbed night’s sleep and the cleanliness issues we had in the bathroom.”

The owner was less than happy with his comments and slammed the reduction given by them both.

Glenn replied: “I can guarantee if you came to the reception and asked for 20 per cent discount on your feedback I would’ve said, ‘on your bike’.

Cutting in to defend his property, Glenn told the two men they are able to resolve the gurgling from the towel rail as that was down to a maintenance issue.

He slammed: “So you’ve knocked off something quite big, for half of your problem and maintenance issues, the airport I can’t move.”

Standing his ground, Andrew added: “I was talking about the specifics of being located next to the airport.

“We felt like a minimum of 20 per cent of our stay was affected by the noise and the lack of sleep.” – ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress