Happy Valley creator hailed as 'a genius' thanks to 'hilarious' gripping series finale




Happy Valley fans have branded the show's creator Sally Wainwright a genius following the show's gripping conclusion.

The writer's ability to inject humour into tense and dramatic scenes has been praised by fans, who enjoyed the comedic exchanges between the show's characters during Sunday night's finale.

Viewers of the BBC drama had been eager to find out how it all ended for Sergeant Catherine Cawood - played by Sarah Lancashire - and her arch nemesis as the show ended in an explosive finale tonight. The nail biting episode saw the pair face off for a final time, but the hero got her happy ending at the climax of the show.

On Sunday night, fans watched on as Tommy Lee Royce burned to death after the pair clashed for a final showdown, whilst Catherine appeared to be heading off traveling following her retirement from the police force.

It was a tense final episode
It was a tense final episode for Happy Valley fans ( BBC)

But before Tommy became a ball of flames, the serial rapist and Catherine traded insults - with the unintentional comedic exchanges leaving viewers in stitches.

"This argument between catherine and tommy is so f****** funny #HappyValley, one quipped on Twitter as the series three finale aired on Sunday night.

"Sally Wainwright is a master story teller. This finale is more set in reality than some over the top finales that are total fantasy #HappyValley," another added, as a third tweeted: "I’m obsessed with Tommy and his sassy responses #HappyValley."

"I shouldn’t laugh at Tommy in happy valley but bros funny.," a fourth added.

tommy drinking
Tommy got 'sassy' during his final showdown with Catherine

In incredible scenes on Sunday night, the pair had a very tense final meeting, which saw Tommy sneak into Catherine's home after escaping from prison. The pair exchanged a long tense conversation over Ryan's plan to stay with her, despite Tommy's hope he'd run away.

Catherine told him: "I'm glad Ryan has been able to make up his own mind. He knows you are just a f**ked up, frightened, damaged, deluded, nasty little toddler brain in a big man's body.

"What I've seen really clearly these last few days is how much he is nothing like you. I have worried for long enough. That boy is a prince, for all his ups and downs, he is about as unlike you as it Is possible to be."

She told him: "You're not a dad, you wouldn't know how to be a dad, I am sorry to be the bearer of such difficult news."

James Norton plays Tommy Lee Royce
James Norton plays Tommy Lee Royce ( BBC/Red Productions)

Tommy then responded to Catherine, revealing his original plan.

"Know this, I had some options last night. I had a can of petrol and a box of matches. And it did occur to me that I could burn your house down and all the s*** in it. But I decided not to do that. I was looking at the pictures of Becky and Ryan. His whole life from when he were a baby...I realised what a nice life he has had. What a nice life you've given him.

"I hated you for not telling me I had a boy. But last night I had a glimpse of what a nice life he has had. And I don't hate you anymore. I forgive you. I'm sorry I didn't treat Becky any better."

In the final scenes, Tommy doused himself in petrol and set himself on fire, as Catherine attempted to put the flames out with a blanket before running out the house and breaking into tears hysterically.

tommy on fire
Tommy ended up going up in flames on Sunday night ( BBC Screen Grab)

While some Happy Valley fans were left wanting more from the drama, others praised creator Sally for three incredible series of the gripping saga.

As the end credits rolled on Sunday night, one fan took to Twitter to write: "Catherine & Clare‘s complicated relationship was one of the many highlights of Happy Valley.

"Their love for each other overcoming everything else is what I needed to see tonight. Thank you Sally Wainwright, Sarah Lancashire & Siobhan Finneran! You are all amazing!"

Another agreed, tweeting: "Absolute perfection. Every word. Every breath. I’m not going to say much more because not everyone watches live, apart from…the way Sally Wainwright writes villains and victims is entirely radical. And every single breathless plaudit is deserved and still not enough #HappyValley."

*All three series of Happy Valley are available to stream on BBC iPlayer now

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