Happy Valley fans divided as they ignore 'unrealistic' plot detail in gripping finale



BBC viewers bid farewell to Catherine Cawood on Sunday evening as Happy Valley came to an end after three series.

The retiring copper managed to come out alive after her final showdown with Tommy Lee Royce, who set himself on fire as his plans to run away to Spain with son Ryan Cawood hit a few stumbling blocks.

Viewers saw twisted murderer Tommy, played by James Norton, break into Catherine's home after escaping prison and then fleeing from the gang he had been working with.

But by the time he reached Catherine's house he was bleeding badly and seemed unable to physically attack her as he had done in the past.

Tommy Lee Royce's reign of terror finally came to an end during Sunday night's conclusion ( BBC Screen Grab)

In a gripping scene, millions of viewers have been waiting for, the pair - brilliantly played by Lancashire and Norton - traded insults and emotional home truths for 15 minutes in an incredibly tense final meeting.

But Tommy's journey to Catherine's wasn't smooth sailing, with the serial rapist having to kill his former allies thanks to a well-placed rock during a showdown in a field - something that didn't go unnoticed by viewers.

"Watch out for the convenient rock!! #HappyValley," one fan sarcastically quipped on Twitter as the tense finale aired.

"Ahh yes, the convenient rock in that empty grass field. Ultimate murder weapon #HappyValley," another added, as a third mused: "Funny how always seems to be a handy rock.#HappyValley."

"How lucky it was for Tommy that there happened to be a convenience rock nearby, followed by an even bigger convenience rock to finish the job! #HappyValley," another of the many tweets about the handy rock read on Sunday night.

The well-placed murder weapon wasn't the only 'convenient' detail Happy Valley fans spotted - with many questioning why police weren't watching Catherine's house.

"WHY ARE THE POLICE NOT WATCHING THE HOUSE? (I know it’s only a TV show & sorry for shouting) #HappyValley," former Strictly Come Dancing star Dan Walker yelled to his Twitter followers during the adrenaline-inducing finale.

Fans wondered why police weren't watching Catherine's house

"Maybe the police should watch Catherine’s house? Just a thought. #HappyValley," one Happy Valley fan tongue-in-cheek tweeted, as another declared: "Ignoring the fact her house would have been under police guard #DramaticLicence #HappyValley."

The final scenes of the gripping finale showed also humourous exchanges and heartwarming moments, with viewers praising the show's creator Sally Wainwright for the realistic elements.

"This argument between catherine and tommy is so fucking funny #HappyValley," one fan decalred online as Catherine and Tommy traded insults.

"I’m obsessed with Tommy and his sassy responses #HappyValley," another added, with one more delighted viewer gushing: "Sally Wainwright is a master story teller. This finale is more set in reality than some over the top finales that are total fantasy #HappyValley."

*All three series of Happy Valley are available to stream on BBC iPlayer now

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