Happy Valley fans spot 'genius' way finale paid tribute to the very first episode



Happy Valley fans have been praising the crime drama for finishing things the way the series began.

The popular BBC show came to a dramatic end on Sunday night, as Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) and Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton) faced off one final time.

Viewers were on the edge of their seats as they watched twisted murderer Tommy break into Catherine's home after escaping prison and then fleeing from the gang he had been working with.

But by the time he reached the copper's house he was bleeding badly and seemed unable to physically attack her as he had done in the past.

tommy in the kitchen
Tommy Lee Royce was waiting for Catherine Cawood in the kitchen ( BBC Screen Grab)

In a gripping scene, millions of viewers have been waiting for, the pair - brilliantly played by Lancashire and Norton - traded insults and emotional home truths for 15 minutes in an incredibly tense final meeting.

Things that took a dramatic turn as Tommy then doused himself in petrol saying the taser would no longer work and he was going to kill himself.

"I've already taken a load of pills anyway, belt and braces me. I'm not going back to prison," he said before lighting a match.

tommy on fire
The murderer ended up in flames ( BBC)

After setting himself on fire, Catherine attempted to put the flames out with a blanket and then was seen leaving the house before breaking into tears hysterically and being confronted by her sister Clare Cartwright (played by Siobhan Finneran).

As the end credits rolled on Sunday night, viewers took to social media to praise Happy Valley creator for a moving conclusion to the long-running drama.

Some also noted how Tommy's flame-fuelled demise was similar to scenes viewers almost saw during the first ever episode of Happy Valley, when Catherine was called out to deal with a man threatening to set himself on fire.

catherine with a flame
The copper stopped a man setting himself on fire during series one of Happy Valley ( BBC Screen Grab)

"First ever scene in the first episode of happy valley a man was going to set himself on fire and in the last ever episode a man sets himself on fire! Brilliant. #HappyValleyFinale," one fan tweeted as the series came to an end over the weekend.

Another added: "#HappyValley first episode man threatening to set himself on fire. Last episode main character does. Now that's how you write a drama .I have cried tonight and laughed. Thank you to all involved. British drama at its absolute best."

"Nice circle of fire arc from first episode! #HappyValley," a third tweeted, as one satisfied Happy Valley fan declared: "The full circle decision from Sally Wainwright to finish the show exactly the same way it started with the petrol and the match? Just sublime, the best show to come out of this country in DECADES #HappyValley

*All three series of Happy Valley are available to stream on BBC iPlayer now

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